The Message of Conflict in Aleppo, Syria

The face of war.

The ongoing tension in Aleppo, Syria ran havoc to the lives of innocent civilians. It showed us a picture how civil war could ruin hopes and dreams and robbed off the essence of childhood among kids.

Hopefully, those in power and those who are directly involved in the mediation and negotiation for truce can finally find solutions to end the hostilities.

The conflict already left thousands of Syrians homeless. Hundreds had died. Thousands are wounded, both physically and emotionally. Children suffered in a way we could never imagined in a civilized world.

Even just watching scenes in the news, I could not imagine the terror they felt every time explosion rocks their homes. They seem to be waking up everyday under the madness of bombs and deaths and fleeing.Too much!

It hurts to see photos of children with faces drenched in blood everyday. Their innocence had been robbed off. Their concept of survival might have been shattered now. What life awaits them in the future if the conflict continues? 

The picture of the devastation provided me with so many realizations in life. That I should not fret with the mishaps I encountered in life now because somewhere in this world, there are people who suffered too much more than the misery I felt. That I should not complain with the slight discomfort because somewhere had undergone a more horrifying ordeal.

Watching Syrian refugees fled their country and went elsewhere only to be shut off with doors made me to think what happen to humanity. Why others are hostile to them when they need badly our support? 

Watching children died, houses burned and city being bombed allowed me some moment of contemplation, not about myself, but about my mission in life. How can I contribute in my own little way to make their lives comfortable? How can I reach out to them and give them a message that despite everything, this world is still a beautiful place to live in? Prayers, yes, true enough, but I know there's more into it. They need direct support.

Now, I am hoping I will be given an opportunity to work on humanitarian causes. A volunteerism act to any UN-affiliated organizations perhaps. I want to help those children pick up the shattered pieces of their lives and motivate them that life is still worth living, that the world in general is not really hostile. That there's still hope somewhere.

Yes, there's a huge humanitarian crisis out there that needs immediate response.

As I mature, I realized that life is totally unfulfilled if we won't go out and help make this world a better place to live in. That itt's part of our mission to safeguard God's creation. That we are not born just to enjoy the vastness of the universe for our own satisfaction and happiness but God put us here because there's a massive mission to be taken to help those who are in gravely need, That serving others is part of our moral obligation to the world.

I've long been dreaming to study documentary film making because I want to make documentaries about the environment, humanitarian causes and other social issues. I want to develop a new voice, that sends a message of hope to everyone. That there are stories of social awareness waiting to be told.  

I am a huge supporter of environmental causes that promote awareness on climate change and global warming. I want to create a documentary about carbon footprints. Only few people are aware that we are massive contributor, individually, to the worsening condition of the atmosphere. Almost all of us did not know that our lifestyle has been the culprit of the proliferation of carbon dioxide. And yet, we continue to ignore this fact.

Now, I realized that, there's a more devastating crisis that needs our attention. The chaos in Syria and other nations torn with war. The plight of refugees. The innocent children. The displaced lived. They all need our immediate response of support and sympathy.

For now, I am still powerless to respond to the call of this humanitarian crisis other than offer my prayers. Me too is suffering from a certain form of misery :-) But I am taking effort, with the help of prayers, that hopefully one of these days God will hear all the desires of my heart so that I've enough resources to go out there, take the mission and reach out to those in need. And finally fulfill my long-standing wishes to take part actively on many causes that promote solidarity, peace and a more sustainable world, free from war, misery and misunderstanding,

Hopefully this won't take long. I am particularly in awe towards others, taking a mission to save the environment, promoting awareness on climate change, helping destitute people improved their lives. Someday, I want to do the same. Hoping I could travel around the world to motivate people and make a huge difference.

Praying for the people in Aleppo, Syria and those who have been displaced of war. May the\suffering they experienced right now will soon be healed and be replaced with comfort and joy. May God draw them to His consoling embrace. May peace finally reign in their lives.

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