World's Richest and Healthiest Nations

According to The Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, these are the richest, healthiest, happiest and safest countries in the world, This list is based on their annual global prosperity index study, which ranks the most prosperous nations in the world.

The study ranked each country based on 89 variables, covering eight sub-indices that generally contribute to the country's prosperity: economy, entrepreneurship, governance, opportunities, education, health, safety, security, personal freedom and social capital.

Norway has been consistently topping the list for the past years.
Photo credit: Visit Norway

For 2016, these are the nations that made it to the top 15 list:

1. Norway (Europe) - This beautiful Scandinavian country topped the prosperity index of the institute, ranking high on every sub-index.

2. Switzerland (Europe) - It has the second highest rated economy in the world among the 145 countries and ranked best in governance.

3. Denmark (Europe) - Ranked second best in entrepreneurship and opportunity.

4. New Zealand (Oceania) - Ranked best in social capital.

5. Sweden (Europe) - Ranked best in entrepreneurship and opportunity.

6. Canada (North America) - Ranked best in personal freedom and the most tolerant 
of immigrants in the world.

7. Australia (Asia-Pacific/Australia)- Ranked best in educational system.

8. Netherlands (Europe) - Ranked high in education, social capital and economy.

9. Finland (Europe) - Ranked well in safety, security and governance.

10. Ireland (Europe) - Ranked well in safety and security.

11. USA (North America) - Ranked best in health and economy but fell short in safety

12. Iceland (Europe) - Ranked high in personal freedom, entrepreneurship, opportunity, safety.

13. Luxembourg (Europe) - Europe's remaining grand duchy ranked high in personal freedom, health, governance and economy.

14. Germany (Europe) - Ranked 5th as world's best economy, it also ranked high in health.

15. United Kingdom (Europe) - Ranked high in entrepreneurship, governance, opportunity and social capital.

Source: The Express Tribune
Date published: May 28, 2016
Retrieved: 2016 Nov.4

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