Navigating a Stormy Sea

...Is how I described my current life now.

But like most folks who bathed themselves with the sunshine of positivism, I am now seeing things differently, more on the brighter side of life. Life has twists and turns and it's impossible not to fail at something in life. And just like the old adage about "wine". We are tougher as we age. Positive people get better with age. So, I don't need to worry too much. 

I should not spend each day wondering why things turn out badly or why a certain aspect in my life is not as rosy as the sun-kissed beach in French Polynesia. Everything happens for a reason. I should not let negativism and failures ruin the prospect of success. There's always a perfect time of everything. There's no reason to be morose. It's time to rework things, rebuild shattered dreams and restructure plans. I know I am getting there. I only need patience. 

Catching the tide of success and fulfillment is like maneuvering a boat in a stormy sea, we have to constantly grip on the rudder to secure the boat and fight the windy ocean. The journey could be perilous but as long as we secure the rudder with our strong hands and faith, we would never be tossed away to the dangerous sea. And will arrive in the seashore unscathed.

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