Climate Change Awareness: 11 Things To Do To Minimize Our Carbon Footprints

As the globe continues to suffer from the onslaught of Climate Change and Global Warming, are we doing well enough to reduce it? Have we taken part to help minimize the effect of one of the greatest problems of our generation?

Climate Change is often viewed as the result of the warming of the atmosphere, thus, also known as global warming. It's driven by human emissions of greenhouse gases. 

Global warming occurred due to the increase in the average measured temperature of the earth's atmosphere and oceans.

According to several research studies, the warming of the earth's surface is the result of the massive presence of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. 

Human activities, such as the use of fossil fuels (coal, crude oil and natural gas), irresponsible cutting of trees, deforestation and excessive energy consumption are the primary causes of climate change. 

Other contributors include population density, traffic, food production and transportation, 

In November 2015, world leaders, through the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris, France, came up with a global agreement on the reduction of climate change by keeping the world temperature below 2 degrees centigrade. 

This is quite ambitious considering that the world is inching towards a highly industrialized environment which demands more energy consumption.

However, as ambitious as it may sound, keeping the global temperature below 2 degrees centigrade is doable as long as everyone will cooperate. 

It cannot be achieved alone by the government, it needs a full cooperation and support of individuals. 

We can do something to help the government completely achieve the Paris Agreement. Let's start with Carbon Footprint Awareness.

Carbon Footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases caused by any human activities, it can be committed by an organization, a product or individual. It is usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide. 

So to help reduce climate change, we should start reducing our carbon footprints. Let's begins with our mind set and lifestyle. Here are different ways how to do it:

1. Look for alternative to riding a car - if your destination is just around the corner or within a few distance, consider walking instead of riding a car, bike is another good alternative, just pay attention to safety. Transportation is one of the primary causes of carbon emissions.

2. Choose a low carbon vehicle - If you insist to drive a car, choose an environmentally-friendly car, or better, electric cars, especially those charged with clean electricity and solar panels, they emit no carbon dioxide.

3. Turn off lights/unplugged appliances at home when not in use -  The assumption that energy consumption is in full rest when the appliances are switched off is true provided the plug should be pulled off.

4. Consume organic food, if possible, the locally-produced varieties - Greenhouse gas emissions partially attributed to food production. Non-organic food productions contained massive fertilizers, and aside from the danger it caused to the human body, these are also fossil fuel-based, thus, organic food varieties are highly recommended because these are produced naturally. 

5. Cut on meat consumption - Meat consumption is not only harmful to the human body but also to the environment. It requires tons of resources to raise animals and its production is another contributor to carbon emissions.

6. Control water usage -  Everyday the environment depletes water for household or industrial usage, this creates havoc to our natural resources, thus, individuals must be responsible with their water consumption. In your home, try to install a huge water bucket/reservoir for rain water grafting, this can be utilized for cleaning cars, cleaning the entire household. .

7. Turn off computer when not in use - Or better consider using PC energy-saving technology.

8. Utilization of email - instead of printing documents in the office, send it via email to the recipients.

9. Grow plants in your backyard -  Everyone knows that trees and plants are vital in the preservation of our planet. It traps harmful gases from penetrating the atmosphere, it also reduces the warming of our environment.

10. Choose economy class for air travel - Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge made headlines when he decided to fly through an economy class accommodation, his reason: help reduce carbon footprints of air travel. Business class has more energy consumption than the economy class.

11. Be a green environment advocate - Let us support the green environment advocacy, this is the most practical way to reduce our carbon footprints. Following a green living lifestyle not only promotes a healthier life but also helps maintain a cooler, safer and cleaner atmosphere. 

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