Something that we cannot control

Stigmatizing rejection

Rejection comes in many forms. Cut off from the opportunities we have been eyeing, sorely misjudged, underestimated, unappreciated, overlooked and devalued are the most tormenting circumstances we could ever have in life. 

Then we would be engulfed with a certain belief that something went horribly wrong, therefore, something must be done to fix the damage. Contemplating on our shambolic fate is a very obvious reaction.

Why is this so? 

Well, I figured, maybe because our human system is essentially designed to be jolted so easily with the effect of pain, abandonment, rejection, distress and sufferings rather than on the upshot of happiness, delight and success.


However, the road to get back to the process of rearranging everything, reconstructing goals and figuring out why circumstances never give us a chance to prove something is not as easy as crashing a cockroach.

It passed through many dire lanes, loopholes, terrible moping and assurances that there’s nothing wrong with us, that there’s no such thing as misfortune, it’s only that life has so many highs and lows, ups and downs.

When we are being confronted with failures and disappointments, it’s easy to think that we have months of  bad days, and that it rained every minute of the day and we’ve burnt every food we’ve cooked.

It’s our innate character to be easily fed up, disheartened as if the world has conspired to nail us down. 

We would eventually think there might be someone out there who spelled a black magic to us, that this world is full of so many jerks and torturers who sabotaged our future, who think we are idiots who lack skills and capabilities to fulfill a certain role or responsibility.

However, absorbing negativism, uncertainties, botches and frustrations only add up to the mound of mayhem we currently felt.

These are things that we cannot control, the only thing we can control is our judgement, so the best thing to do is look on the other side of the road, to the brighter side of life and keep moving with our journey. 

The road might not be as smooth and unspoiled as we have imagined but as we continue walking on the route we determined to traverse, those hindrances and interruptions are just spices that complete the recipe of fulfillment. 

We just keep  on moving and should never lost enthusiasm. At the end of this tumultuous road, something grander awaits.

In our pursuit of happiness, fulfillment,  contentment, comfort and financial stability in life, it is inevitable that we would encounter so many obstacles along the way, it’s because life’s most precious gem is not always given in a silver platter. 

It should be laboriously toiled. It would not come easily, it should be striven. That’s how it goes sometimes because success, fulfillment and achievement would have no meaning at all if we would not pass a bumpy road. Its significance could never be appreciated if it is just handed down to us so easily. 

But I presumed, our primary concern is not really to gain pleasure or to avoid suffering but to find and see the meaning of life. Who we are? 

What are we really into this world? Where would we fit in? What is our mission? How do we fulfill this mission? 

How to respond to the challenges of time? Once we will find answers to these questions, eradicating barriers and overcoming tribulation would be easier.

This search of meaning is being driven with our yearning to make life worth living, accomplish every basic goal we designed and survive the grueling days of our existence. 

This quest of a better life enables us to lift our head from misery and allows us to emerge stronger and fiercer.

When facing a fate that cannot be changed, just don’t focus on what went wrong and why it ended on the curve road, be tougher instead, focus on strengths and cultivate potentials, at the end of this dark hole, something wonderful is bound to happen.

With all these stopovers and clutters, we should never forget that life revolves, it does not stop in one corner. 

Today, life might be crazier and seems rotating in an opposite direction, but it’s not going to be this way forever. Tomorrow is another day. 

Another chance to win the battle. Another opportunity to rebuild lost dreams and another day to savor anticipation.

Someone will be used as an instrument to realize this goal. For as long as we live, there’s hope that continues to flicker. 

And…yes, pray, pray, pray. We can never go wrong with our faith, it might be delayed or not granted at the moment, but as what I’ve always mentioned in almost all my inspiring posts here, trust GOD for HIS time is always perfect!

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