HITTING Rock bottom. Once in a lifetime, everyone undergoes it.
Either on a career level or personal level. 
And when it hits, it really hits big time
It feels like everything is falling apart 
As if you have just plummeted into the basement of nowhere
With no hope of ascending.

You search for a clear answer,
Trying to decode God's message maybe,
But answers are as vague as the circumstances.
What's with all these misfortunes and sufferings? 

You feel the pain, deep inside and giving up seems an attractive option,
Life gives you nothing but wretchedness and defeat
When you thought you have everything what it takes to become great
Things just turned the other way around
What's in it that makes destiny so unfair to deal with?

When circumstances conspire to spell bad luck,
It feels like there's a fatal thunderbolt that had been thrown at you
With no way to escape. No way to hide.
 And death becomes you.

Will life still play fairness? 
Will there still be a chance to see the light of dawn?
Will tomorrow still come?
How long this waiting will come to an end?
How long this life will lift you from the pit of rock bottom.

Why there seems to be a never-ending agony?
Of sufferings. Of misery. Of misfortunes.
Life has lost its meaning. Happiness has gone.
Opportunities become just tiny dots of lost dreams
It might and will never come because no one seems willing to give it.
No one will provide a chance. No one.

But hope is the only thing stronger than fear
And no matter how long you've been rocked up into the bottom
You have to get up and keep moving
Because there's hope. You know that there is.

Everything is just temporary
Even bad days and torments
But there are things that seem permanent
And it just keeps getting ugly and nasty and repulsive
As days go by....Those dreams...might just be dreams...

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