Real Situations Expose Fake People

Actually it's a waste of time trying to talk to a person who has trouble discerning things. I don't want to invest too much energy blathering things that seem incomprehensible to the other party because it's like talking to a brick wall.

But the rudeness still appalls me, can't believe it would be acted by a mature person. Returning what had given does not only inflict insult but also suggests impropriety. It only mirrors what kind of culture you're born with. I've never met someone whose boorishness went that far, in a more blatant description, the action was so bastos!

The awful words blurted also alarmed me because only immature people could utter such things, so ghastly and illogical, absolutely chilling. You only rub salt into open wounds. Something that could never be mended. 

You have a stupid humor bordering arrogance. You either have difficulties analyzing situations that transpired or you have a bad memory, either way, the manner of your judgement personifies your absurdity when confronted with simple stuff that only needs to be analyzed using that thing between your ears. You're selfish and you only listen to yourself. 

Oh well, Mother Theresa was right when she said "We meet people for a reason, either they are blessings or lessons"....Lessons that I want to leave behind. I don't want to carry those clutters and baggage, so many beautiful things to think about than dwell on stupidity. Life is great and I am busy living to look back on friction with stressful people.


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