Freedom at last!!

Personal freedom. How important it is to you?

For me, it's virtually important! Because it strongly defines my individuality, my value as a person. I don't want to be a prisoner of time, I don't want to be trapped in fears. I don't want to waste my God-given talent.

I know I am destined for something very important all I have to do is be courageous and determined. Personal freedom. Almost everyone of us is contemplating to have it, however, only few really are able to get it due to the fact that most of us are afraid to take risks.

C'mon, we live only once, so let's try to make the most out of it, try not putting up tomorrow what we can do today.

Oftentimes, we become slaves of the circumstances, enduring the situation even if it is already intolerable because we lack courage and we are afraid things might not turn the way we want it to be, but do fears and playing safe set us free? Is it enough to let things flow and continue to endure the silent sufferings just because we are afraid to face the uncertainties?

Remember that sometimes the things that we are afraid of are not actually happening, they are just the objects of our hesitations and thoughts of what's-coming-ahead. We are just anxious on what might happen if we dare to move on to the unknown path? So we keep on delaying things, of taking that one bold step to chase dreams because we are afraid to live behind dark alleys of life.

But at what cost?

I've finally come to a point where I am no longer afraid to take risks, to dare to embark into uncertainties of life's greatest adventure, to explore all possible options to make things happen. I figured, if I would not take that one bold step to chase my dreams now, when? If I would not make any move now, I would never know my chances because no one would get it for me and that's for sure.

I've come to a point where I am ready to take a challenging journey even if it means taking so many sacrifices because life is happening now, if I will keep on postponing things, I might sail into the sunset of my life full of many regrets. There's no guarantee of success or fulfillment but if I would not dare to make a move, I would never get it either. Failure is part of the package of being human, but it is the beginning of wisdom, and it often leads us to a certain way of accomplishing things because through failures we will discover our strength, we will uncover our potentials. Failures provide awareness and ways to improve and get things better.

So it's independence day! Finally got my freedom back!! 

My hands are full with so many lined up tasks in my schedule now, so busy working on things I love doing. Now I am back on track and it feels great!! When you are free to do the things you love most it feels like everyday is a payday and the actual monetary figure is just a bonus.

Thank God for always guiding me, for protecting me all throughout these years, for leading me into the right path!!


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