Here's My Cup of Tea

Come and take a's a beautiful day!

Writing is a cool job. It's my cup of tea and I love the moment where I have to stretch my imagination and squeeze my brain to come up with something unique to write about, it gives me so much energy to get through the day.

When I write, it feels like I am taking a walk to a different world, exploring its beauty and enjoying the scenery. It's like embarking into a fulfilling journey, with no traces of sadness, only delight and thrill. But it does not mean I want to escape from reality, writing is just one thing that allows me to enjoy the vividness of life and experience a stress-free existence.

Writing lets my thoughts flow enabling me to create another world and put back the shattered pieces together, it makes me a complete person. It allows me to talk without being judged.

I love online research too because it boosts knowledge, awareness and wisdom. It's one of the most valuable and useful activities around the web, being able to research educational information and current events inspires my day, it also enables me to connect to the rest of the world and increases awareness.

Now, I am enjoying my days, doing research online, writing articles, improving my crafts, creating plots, building characters, rewriting old synopsis I neglected for the past years. My days are so occupied with so many tasks to accomplish and it gives me so much fulfillment.

I am preparing articles to contribute also to various magazines and online sites. I am creating pitch articles, query letters. I still have two fiction books that need to be finished. I am checking bookstores in the Philippines to put copies of my two digitally published books.

So many things to do, so many things to accomplish. I have a full busy day and I love it!

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