Hello Spring!

Although tropical countries like the Philippines don't have Spring season, I will consider it as one of my favorites (the other one is Autumn) because the environment (based on what I saw in pictures online) looks so lovely and magnificent.

All those romantic blooms, awesome environment and lively trees magnify magic and thrill, it brings a different surge of delight to one's tired mind, watching flowers of different varieties spread its loveliness lift up energy and enthusiasm, oh how I wish I could visit a country where Spring season is possible, just like my earnest wish to visit New England region in the United States during Fall season.

So why I am fascinated with Spring? Well, apart from being a Spring baby (my birth date is April 3), I am in so much awe of a new beginning, a renewed hope and a brighten start, just like the representations of a Spring season. After a long Winter of gloom and frustration, another beautiful morning lightens up promising a good start.

Life glimmers when new beginning comes, when new hope flickers, as if seeing all those lovely blooms that spread romance in the environment, life becomes sweet and enchanting again and spreads a new thrill of adventure. When spring season comes into one's life, thoughts about a rosy future are always in the horizon, more invigorating, more blissful, as if everyday brings magic, every moment amplifies inspiration, no room for sadness or regrets, only elation and warmth.

I am happy that at last, it's Spring!


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