Life is an adventure

Each day, we are given a chance to catch the tide of success, ride in the thrill of wonders and move closer to the things we always love doing. We should never let fears consume our capacity to make things happen. 

Fears are only in the minds, most of the time, the things we are afraid off are not really happening. We are just afraid, things might not go as we wanted. But life itself is a risk, refusing to take it, won't give us an idea where to go an extra mile to realize our dreams.  

Don't buy into a lie that someday the story of our life might be different, that someday, things will become easier. It is a big joke. Life is happening now and not tomorrow or next year, so today is the right time to make things possible. We might fall off from the bus before that "someday" we are thinking will come.

Don’t wait for a perfect moment and right timing. It’s a fallacy because the truth is, there’s no perfect moment, but we can make each moment perfect. And there’s no right timing, each time is right if we know how to take risks.

Take a step today, no matter how bleak we think the chances are. Just take the risks, don’t be afraid to make a difference. As long as it relates to our dreams. Our courage and determination will bring us closer to what we’ve been dreaming.

Dare to take an adventure. Explore the world. Soar high. We should never limit ourselves to the four-corners of the environment we are living. If it does not give us the kind of fulfillment we know we deserve. Then move on.  We will continue finding our place, our niche. We should never stop from aiming where we should fit in. If we are really determined and resilient, it will come. Remember this proverb "Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who get on with their ass and make things possible". 

Just don’t bother about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself. Life is happening now. Develop more, try a new skill, a new hobby, explore a new destination, venture into a new occupation that can provide us a self-fulfillment. Embrace failure. Accept defeat and move on. Let us be gracious with the people we encounter even if we think, they mistreat us. Life is a reflection, we will receive back what we have given to the world. Be brave in pursuing goals.

Plan for the future but do not forget we leave at the present. Enjoy life everyday, pose and take a moment to think about our environment. Create a bucket list with the things we want to accomplish/achieve in life, chances are, we will never know how time passes us by.

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