Waiting, endlessly Waiting

It's almost 1:30 in the morning and I am still wide awake. Waiting for something to pop up, waiting for something to creep, waiting and endlessly waiting for something that's not been there in the first place. 

But anticipating a beautiful outcome seems to be more fascinating than the idea of succumbing into despair, so, now I am whisking my mind away from negative thoughts and continue waiting, savoring some degree of hope that time and destiny will finally conspire to make things happen.

I know God listens to every prayer, I believe He has a better plan for everyone and I know His time is always perfect, so I won't give up, I'll  wait for that sweet moment to strike in my horizon.

I know everything will happen in a right time under a right circumstance, all I need to do is hope and wait and stretch my patience a little longer.

I know that day will still come.

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