I need a breather!

It's another weekend!

Here I am again, polishing and editing my quiz book, hope I can finish everything today. I am currently reading the submission manual of Amazon publication and oh God! It's quite complicated! haha! The technicalities of submitting the book looks like too much for my literary-inclined brain.

I am extremely tired of everything and I hope this book submission could fill the weariness I felt deep inside. In the coming weekends, hope to really go into another adventure with my friend, Rowie Tagaan, to a place where I could really relax and feel the stillness of the mother earth. I need a breather, so perhaps, a quick sojourn to the countryside is a perfect escape.

I want to breath fresh air, I want to relax under the cool shade of nature. I want peace and serenity. I want to see verdant trees and be surrounded with tropical plants, beautiful blooms, meadows, valleys and see the wonderful horizon up high. 

Life in the city is really toxic and the daily routine already overwhelmed by system that towards the end of the day, I felt my body is yielding into pressure.

I need a breather indeed!

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