I want to cherish each moment

Have you ever experience weirdness stuff in a day? Like missing something you used to do or missing someone you never see in years or never seen before? :-P

Oh yeah, sometimes this surreal moment strikes in my horizon in the most unexpected time, like when taking a break from work in a day or at night when I am about to sleep.

Touching down the sentimental lane and pondering...

When was the last time I discover things and travel? It's been months and my days so dull and boring.There are lots of things that I really missed so much and people too....

I love traveling, I love exploring other places, I love discovering new things, but lately I could not find enough time to indulge on this passion. Every weekend, I am too stuck with my book writing. I want to finish the three scripts I left hanging for years.

I missed the countryside feel, the lush tropical plants, the cool shade of nature, the soft breeze, the quiet environment and good food. How I wish I could go back to Bag of Beans in Tagaytay to loosen up and relax and feel the stillness of the mother earth.

I love to experiment recipes, I love to cook, but due to my busy weekends in writing, I don’t have enough time to do this. I am stuck whole weekends in front of my laptop and no time to get busy in the kitchen, someday I want to get back to my hobby of cooking.

Oh, this beautiful moment! I want to think and think about wonderful moments. Talking and giggling with someone.

I love talking, I love telling stories and I love connecting with the people whom I have common interest. It rarely happens. And I want to cherish each moment.

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