Discover. Explore. Learn

Yes, indeed, discovery is everywhere!

I will just finish my books and after this, I will really embark into a grand countryside adventure! Well, as what Bianca Gonzales had mentioned in her blog, discovery is everywhere! And we won't learn things until we explore and discover something new, and traveling is one way of discovering and learning something new.

It's been my greatest dream to really spend my single life in traveling but until now it remains a hazy dream as I don't have enough budget to finance this ambitious goal, oh heaven! When will I expand my saving bucket so that I can accomplish this long-standing wish? 


And I want to explore the world and share what I got through my travel site. I want to write something beautiful about the world as I see it. Despite political tensions, economic turmoil and wars and dangers in the surroundings, I still believe this universe is a wonderful place to live in. I believe this world has so much to offer when it comes to peace and beauty and I want to see it by myself.

I really envy those people who are courageous enough to leave their lucrative job and go elsewhere to discover things. I want to have that kind of courage too. I want that distinct courage where I don't have to think about despair, failure and disappointment, where I don't have to think what will happen to my future if I will go on adventure and travel.

I hate being stuck in my current situation. It feels like I am in a prison cell and wondering what my torturer would do next. I felt happiness has totally gone. I felt that beautiful moment I am always waiting is still in a far distant year. I felt that my life would be totally wasted if I would stick to where I am now because it's bare, totally a blank space.

Sometimes I would sit alone near the window and look around and think about where I should be walking, but oftentimes scare would register in my mind that grabbing a chance to explore the world, leave my job and be a full time blogger are simply dreams.

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