Letter to my Future Husband 

Where in the heck of the universe are you hiding? Why there seems to be an endless quest of searching you? Are you still alive?

True love waits. And it’s always worth the wait…so they say! Do I need to believe on this? I guess yes because, darn! I have no choice 😜 I've to continue believing that true love really exists somewhere or else I will start seeing men as monsters.

That futuristic “the one”. Just how long this waiting period would be over?  When will circumstances and destiny conspire and allow my path and that of my future husband to collide?

You know, I’ve never been into any relationship before, not even a date! So this waiting period of meeting the one seems like a lifetime quest.

While girls at my age changed boyfriends as fast as they changed profile pictures in their FB account, I am yet to discover the art of dating and how it would feel like being on a first date where you have to lock stares with someone and listen to your heartbeat and wait for the whole universe to explode because that someone takes your breath away.

Sounds absurd isn’t it? But maybe I belonged to the long-forgotten generation of women who are destined to meet their future husband only on their wedding day. But even this, sounds like a distant phenomenon and the last couple who met only on their wedding day were King George III of Britain and Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg in 18th century.

It’s a hell long story of my life and the road to the future is as bleak as the possibility of flying to the moon 🌙 . But I am willing to wait. Willing to stretch the fiber of my patience and discard the sinister thoughts of sailing into the sunset of my life-alone!  

It might take a lifetime to wait for that ultra-elusive “the one”, but I know it’s worth the wait and I believe God prepares someone wonderful for me.

Once I wrote a poetic letter to my soul mate (haha!) to hopefully speed up his journey from wherever he is right now, whether he is stuck somewhere in the North Pole or stranded in the South Pacific Sea, I am wishing that letter has finally reach his hiding place.

But months passed and the possibility of meeting that mysterious soulmate is still obscure as the story of the existence of aliens.

Why there’s so much delay? Where did all those prospects go? Why they did not dash towards me? But then again, I have no reason to complain as everything happens according to God’s plan and I believe that His time is always perfect.

After that letter to my soulmate, just like any communication that needs an urgent reply, I guess it’s time to make a follow up. And because wasting time is no longer a humorous idea for someone like me who is on the verge of losing patience, I will proceed writing a letter to my future husband to make it clear that I am no longer amuse with all these disruptions and delays. 

Maybe destiny will finally listen this time and give me a priority ticket. 

I am not losing hope, I know someone is just somewhere and someday in God’s time, he will find me.

Dear future husband,

I know there are countless reasons why God allow me to wait this long. Because there’s you. Somewhere. And you're just waiting for God’s signal to proceed with your journey and reach me in the intersection of life. I am willing to wait even if it will take forever because I don't want anybody else other than you! 

I wish you are tall so that I can tiptoe and reach your neck, feel your breathing and caress your ears. I always imagine a fulfilling life with you, with kids to nurture and a family to take care, exchanging beautiful stories that unfold in a day, sharing dreams that might never happen.

With you I can hear beautiful melodies, soft as the afternoon breeze in a cool windy road and warm as the bright morning sunshine on a summer day. With you I am not afraid to face the world, to face my fears and to overcome my shortcomings. Thinking of you makes me chuckle and turn my world so beautiful and inspiring.

I know you are the other side of me, as if seeing myself in the mirror, I know we shared the same interests, the same passion because that’s what true love is all about. But whether we are on the opposite side of life and our interests contradict, I know we could compliment each other.

I would just imagine how beautiful life it should be with you, maybe we could laugh at the corniest and weirdest stories. Maybe we could share breakfast outdoors each weekend and do grocery together afterwards. Or embark into a long road trip together. I am very grateful I did not settle with somebody else before and wait for you instead.

I cannot wait for the day to finally meet you, and hold your arm, and pat your back towards the end of a tiring day.  I am looking forward to be with you going to an adventure, on a road trip, spend precious moments walking in the beach, or near the lake and mountain, wait for the sunrise or sunset. And have a long conversation.

Meeting you will be the most precious day of my life. Perhaps, I can finally face my fears, crossing a busy street, climbing a mountain or a tall building, taking on a zip line. I don’t have to worry because you’re there and I am confident you will hold my hand.

But until then, until that beautiful moment, I will patiently wait. God's time is always perfect.

Eternally Yours,

Me, the other side of you 😀

Oh God please listen to my prayers this time. 🙏

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