Unmistakable Thrill of Magic

There are moments that we feel like being stuck in the corner of desolation but that’s our human side. God is so huge! Larger than our problems and concerns. He always makes things possible. He has bigger plans better than what we’ve always dreamed of. He knows what’s best for us, where we should be walking and to whom we should start relating. It might be delayed, or a little bit late based on our timeline but trust God for His time is always perfect. 

Life does not end in misery or in rejection or in chaos. It’s a continuous quest and somewhere along this journey, we will really meet nice people who deserve our attention, who are wonderful, selfless and supportive. They did not just pop in unto our horizon for no reasons, it’s the work of God, His precious gifts destined to cross our paths to be the instrument of a new hope and motivation.

Let’s embrace that unmistakable thrill of magic, it is real, let us be inspired and be thankful to the people we have just meet. They are God’s gifts, someone worthy to keep and cherish.

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