Waterfalls and the Legend of Everything :-D

Once in our lifetime we really have this dream of embarking into a grand tour abroad. America, Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere. My longing however, is in the European continent, and my purpose is not just for leisure but for discovery and learning too. I want to walk among the castle ruins and write something about its glorious history.

I love being close to nature so naturally most of the places I longed to visit are located in the countryside. 

Tuscany region in Italy, Fife region in Scotland, Cornwall and Cotswold in England and Klosters in Switzerland are some of the most fascinating places I dreamed to visit.

But how about the world's natural wonders?

Though most people often trade the sleepy feel of the rural area to the vibrant life in the city, I always prefer a life in a more quiet surrounding. And when choosing to go somewhere to cool down, I want to be in an environment with verdant trees and a fascinating vista, wheew!

Oh yeah, seriously, I love the life in the hillside! It's incredibly soothing and peaceful. But I am a little wary on trekking a mountain, it still scares me to death despite the thrill of adventure it provides. I have this ridiculous fear in heights.

But I do admire the majestic appeal of the rural sceneries: streams, valleys, lakes and waterfalls are simply gorgeous and spectacular.

The legendary beauty of Niagara Falls in the state of New York 
Photo courtesy of Arman Esmas

Talking about the natural wonders of the mother earth, particularly waterfalls, there are two amazing waterfalls in the world that are famous due to its extraordinary beauties: Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada/New York State, and Iguazu Falls in South America located between the border of Paranguay and Argentina.

I don't have pictures of Iguazu Falls so let's talk about Niagara instead with awesome photos I borrowed from my friend, Arman Esmas.

Niagara Falls is a splendid clusters of waterfalls with thousands of visitors flocking to the area annually. It straddles in the international border of the United States of America and Canada. Its beautiful curtains of waterfalls and the available attractions and amenities offered on both sides of the border made the Niagara one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. 


I would like to thank my friend (whom I have not seen in person yet haha!) Arman for giving me permission to post his Niagara shots in My Travel site, though I am not sure if he would be able to read this blog, I would extend my deepest gratitude to him anyway for the support and all the kindness he bestowed. In life, we would really encounter generous and amazing people all the way, and Arman is one. Thanks so much Arman, may God continue to protect you and shower you with so much graces!  ^____^

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