All About Last Week

OMG!! I can't believe I am idling for 2 hours now. Warm afternoon sucks! 

Cannot think of anything else other than watch the dancing of the leaves in the trees outside the window. 

I know I cannot afford to just sit here and watch the sunset to dwell, I have so many things to do. Edit books, finalize the references, re-check Amazon's submission guidelines, update my three blogs, conduct additional research about European Royals, browse other sites to do link building, blah blah blah!

But right now I am totally exhausted mentally to think about books, blogs, research, and other hardcore writing stuff, I just want to play with our cats and do nothing! So funny but I don't know why I feel so extremely "lost", as if my brain suddenly stop working creatively and my energy would not just cooperate. Okay, now here. This is where the trouble goes. I forgot to bring my box of green tea, I left it in the workplace. A cup of hot Green Tea is my only energy booster. 

So now, while waiting for my appetite in writing and editing to pick up, I'll have to think randomly to recondition my brain. All about Last Week! Got these really set of amusing questions from other journal site and find it cute, cool and fun, so I will be answering it too here to "kill" boredom:

Remember, the answers should be ALL ABOUT LAST WEEK!

What's the funniest thing you did?
Cannot recall haha!

Your heartiest laugh?
Had a heartiest laugh with friends in the workplace, they were teasing me endlessly towards someone and just would not stop nudging me about something else. Since their "inquiries" were unfounded, I just burst into laughter :-D

Food - Maki! I love Japanese food and maki is my favorite. But never got any chance to visit a Japanese restaurant last week maybe in the weeks to come, looking forward into it.

Best Conversation?
You know I love long conversation and I like someone who is a good conversationalist, smart and a little bit funny and humorous. No matter how short the conversation is, if I like the topic(s), it will stick in my head. Yes, I had one best conversation over the week.

Did you ever think of dreaming to escape somewhere?
OMG!! Yes, all the time and last week was no different. I always wanted to escape somewhere, to de-stress, relax and have a long conversation with whoever is available. My friends in the project planned to go on a trip to Puerto Galera in mid-September this year and I will go with them.

The Most Annoying thing?
We have this really annoying boardmate who thinks she owns the whole room and who appears to have an attitude problem. She does not talk and she moves so clumsily, every time she puts something on his plastic cannister, she seems dragging everything in the room and the sounds piss me off!. 

Summarize your "All About last Week"
The environment was gloomy but I did not find it punishing or disgusting, I love the cool surrounding so I would never feel down when there's rain. So excited towards something, I don't know what it is that blew off my excitement I just want to feel good and be excited and inspired. Sometimes we don't need to search for reasons why we are smiling, why we seem floating in the air with too much excitement and inspiration, we just want to absorb the feeling because it's nice, good and terrific and because it truly exists! Life is a choice and you can choose to be happy. I choose to be happy despite all the chaos and troubles that are happening around.

That's all about last week.

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