Tagaytay Again!

...And still, my long-standing dream to visit Sonya's Garden remains an elusive quest :-D

Love it here!The atmosphere is so homely, very quiet and breezy

Got to visit Tagaytay again yesterday with my friend, Rowie Tagaan. We dropped off at Bag of Beans to take our late lunch. It was our first time to dine at BOB and quite impressed with the natural backdrop of a countryside scenery, cool, quiet, tranquil and soothing. Very homely atmosphere, perfect to chill down after a busy week.

I love the theme of Bag of Beans - European setting with Oriental touches! The ornament details are very Asian and the menu reflects the European tradition of a coffee shop but the feeling remains in a Filipino tone especially the furnishing and the buffet area. 

We chose to sit at one of the tables in the veranda and we love it! Very cozy, as if we're just enjoying meals in the balcony of our own home, the soft breeze of the afternoon air made the whole dining experience a very relaxing and fulfilling one. I would love to make a repeat visit!

We originally wanted to go to Sonya's Garden after Bag of Beans but the weather suddenly turned awful the moment we waited for a ride and because it was around 5:00 in the afternoon and Sonya's is very far from the road, we decided to postpone the plan and went to Puzzle Mansion instead.

We're two care-free adventurers, so excited about many things in life!

Going to Puzzle Mansion was some sort of a challenge, the road is not bumpy but the travel was quite taxing, since we have no car haha! We only hired a tricycle and oh God! Only private cars are allowed to park at the vicinity of the mansion. So we have no other choice but to trek the hilly road, it was drizzly but we managed to enjoy the experience of walking at the hill side, taking pictures along the way and reached the museum with a relaxed mind :-P

Puzzle Mansion is more like a rest house with a breezy feel of a farm life and a soothing scenery of the mother earth. It is located in the grassy field of barangay Asisan in Tagaytay. The museum that houses the largest jigsaw puzzle collections in the world is just within the mansion, which is originally a tourist inn with 11 rooms offering bed and breakfast accommodations.

Jigsaw puzzle of the portrait of St. John Paul II
Why Monalisa smile? 
A question that led to the creation of the book "Da Vinci Code" when one day Dan Brown gazed at the portrait  of Monalisa in Louvre Museum in Paris, France.
But Monalisa is not smiling, it is just an optical illusion according to experts

My favourite jigsaw puzzle among the collections was of course that of St. John Paul II, oh yes the portrait is so heart-warming, seeing the face of the beloved great pope again is such a beautiful feeling. I love you St. John Paul II!!

We left the area around 6:30 and went back to Mendez to catch a bus ride for Manila. Such a spectacular feeling of being able to relax and chill after busy days. And tomorrow, it's back to normal, arggghh! I want more weekends!!!

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