True Love Waits,,,

...So never settle for anything less. 

Wait for that beautiful feeling where every moment seems magical. A Kind of magic that only heart understands. And no matter how long it takes, true love is always worth the wait.

But the question is, just how long this waiting period will finally come to an end? Do I need to wait for a supernova to explode in the galaxy to meet that elusive "someone"? 

Will the planets in the solar system collide first before this thing called love come to my doorstep? How many more heartaches, wrong assumptions, frustrations, despair, hopelessness I should endure before that encounter will happen?

Well, only God knows. And I have no right to ask God why and when for His time is always perfect and beautiful.

While most folks found their true love at the early part of their lives, others seem took eternity to stumble on the "one". It's the mystery of life. And to uncover it with just a stroke of a human brain is a sure suicide. So just leave it as it is and just wait for the season to come and go haha! 

We might have a clear idea what we want in life and who we want to be with, but sometimes our plans do not go as how we want it to be due to uncontrollable factors that often pop up along the way. 

Until waiting becomes the hardest word to understand. It entails a web of emotions: longing, frustration, hope, great anticipation, excitement, distress and anxiety, nevertheless love always worth the wait. The best recourse is to make a compromise with time and keep going.

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