Why is there a Man and He is not Mine?

I haven't read this book yet, just came to know it when I watched The 700 Club Asia last week. The title is so catchy right? ^____^

For single ladies, it is ultra difficult to survive living in a country that abhors spinsterhood. The ridiculous system of our morbid society dictates that we should get hitch or else we will be considered second-class citizens. It's as old as the idea of arranged marriage during war time but surprisingly, it still exists especially in the provinces!

It's a bloody hell trying to cope up with people's constant prodding why on earth girls take so long to get married when the world offers several options how to snag a guy. DUH!! As if guys are delicate goblets that can be sneaked any time from the shelves of a department store . 

Haaay! I've been through it and already immune to the intrusion. Oh, but yes, this question, "Why is there a Man and He is not Mine?," at times often crossed in my mind, but since I am already tired wrangling with myself where in the heck of the universe Mr. Someone is hiding, I just avoided a scene where I would yield to self-pity.

According to the author, Orpah Marasigan, the book is more like her true story. She is 53 and unmarried and somewhat felt the same mysterious phenomenon that all single ladies beyond 35 have been experiencing, the why-the-boys-did-not-dash-toward-me stuff, thus asking endlessly "Why is there a Man and He is not Mine?"

She wonders why many single women struggle with the pain of waiting, living with a wounded heart, dealing with jerks, getting involve with married men, lured into online dating and other love troubles, when they could find inner peace with God.

Marasigan further revealed in the interview at pep.ph: "In the story, I invite people to understand what it means to wait on the Lord, and understand what it means "Bring your loneliness to the Lord". How do you dealt with jerks, how do you cope up with people's constant inquiry "Why are you not married yet?"

She also shared her struggles and her disappointment with lost love and eventually her peace of mind and contentment that there is God who pacifies a troubled spirit. She further explains that this book aims to encourage readers to reflect on their personal journey to self-discovery, healing and love.

Sounds pretty inspiring and a must-read book. I am looking forward to buy a copy and read the author's personal sharing, because the truth is, I am already tired confronting myself with the same issue of finding "The One" in due time because up to now I am wondering if that "due time" will ever come haha!

Well, the trouble sometimes is, we keep on waiting for that perfect moment/right timing to come where we can be madly in love towards someone, the reality is, in a world where appalling issues of achievement, suitability, ideal partner, peer acceptance and comfortable life are the priorities of some people, most often than not, the universe might crumble into pieces first before we could find that "perfect moment".

There's no perfect moment and right timing because we always have reasons to create each time we are in a situation where we have to make a crucial decision, then the cycle of putting off plans begins. Unless we learn to accept imperfections and start realizing that today is the right time, we can never get that perfect moment, not even in our lifetime.

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