Facebook's 10th Anniversary: A "Look back"

Hurrah! Yesterday, February 5, the world's largest social networking site turned ten years old. Yes, a decade of innovative socializing! 

Facebook, no doubt, has revolutionized the way we communicate and connect online. Ten years on, this social networking site still fascinates people and continue to dominate the social networking landscape. 

Though some technology analysts made a fearless prediction that Facebook might suffer the fate of its now defunct “nemeses”, Friendster, with the birth of new social networking sites like Google Plus and Orkut, so far, it shows no signs of slowing down.

By the end of 2010, Facebook’s users grew enormously that if this site is a nation, it will surpass the number of population in China. 

Facebook went public in April 2012, around the time the acquisition of Instagram was finalized.

My “Inception” in Facebook

I joined Facebook in June 2008 but during that period, people did not know Facebook yet, everyone was still busy with Friendster.

In the middle of 2008, my fascination towards Friendster gradually waned and I became disillusioned with some of its unexciting features. The fact that friends were notified if we view their profile, added to my dissatisfaction. 

Then I found that in Facebook, we can stalk people secretly haha! And we can chat directly to friends without waiting  until eternity to get a reply. 

So there, I “migrated” thoroughly to Facebook and deleted my Friendster account. However, I did not post a status on my wall until 2009.

My “Lookback”

As part of the 10th anniversary, Facebook presents “lookback”, a feature that instantly creates a user’s collated video of history in the site. I did not “avail” this feature because I just don’t feel it haha!

So here, I will look back  how I’d "traveled" for the last six years in the site.

  • I rarely change my profile picture because I find it pointless to do such.
  • I am one of the few Facebook users in the world who did not go insane with the “relationship” feature (maybe because there’s nothing to change lol!). Others frantically experimented status’s updates from “single” to “engage” to “in a relationship” to “complicated”. I maintained, I will only let "relationship" visible if I can get married. It's so senseless to put "in a relationship with..." when in the next couple of months you will break.
  • I never completely revealed sensitive information about myself like birthday, address, mobile phone. 
  • My profile is not public. Someone cannot search me unless we have common friends.
  • I made two or three quiz applications about European Queen Consorts four years ago.
  • I never tried playing any of the Facebook’s games even during the celebrated days of Farmville, it's a waste of time. I am more interested with trivia quizzes.
  • I created an individual page for each of my blogs to drive traffic to my sites.
  • I never posted a video nor shared video links
  • I rarely hit “like” button to posts/pictures
  • I only shared newsworthy things.
  • I cringed with other users’ too personal posts. Can they just keep it with themselves?
  • It took a year before I uploaded my first cover photo. I was reluctant to “revolutionize my cover page because it cannot be privatized. Later, I yielded to the trend and uploaded my first cover photo in September 2012.

Like the rest of Facebook users who, at some point, became too excited with the wall posting phenomenon and the delight of expressing anything, I had some shares of “troubles” too, but I learned lessons from it and realized it’s better to keep silent and shut my mouth on trivial issues.

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