Taking Care of Sick Kittens

I was never a pet lover, I find it so awfully tiring taking care of animals, they cannot communicate clearly so having them around requires extra patience and devotion to fully understand their needs.

When I relocated here in Manila, I found out my sister has several cats!!And to my horror they would sleep beside us during night time goshhhh!

I tried pushing them away from me during the first few nights but they would simply not go and would curl beside me instead and sleep soundly.

Later I learned to accept the reality hehehe! And began to love them and take care of them when my sister is out.

Then two of the cats gave birth last August 2013, four of them had survived. As I watched them grew into cute kitties, I began to love them and find them amusing. 

I got to feed them everyday. 

One day, I noticed the swelling of the eyes of the two kittens, my sister told me to just let it pass because the other cats had the same condition when they were growing up, but I was so restless especially when the inflamed eyes worsened.

Asi and Cotton!

 Asi is sneezing hard but she's very active and playful 
while Cotton has swollen eyes

Cotton's eyes are badly inflamed due to cough and sinusitis and I have all the patience to wipe his watery eyes with eyemo drops. We would boil water also and let him breath with it as if someone has an asthma and needs a nibulizer

I thought the kittens had sore eyes, I tried buying remedies but pets pharmacy would not sell without a doctor's prescription. 

While observing the condition of the kittens, I'd searched for several home remedies and got tea bags. 

Tea is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation so I thought it's the best option to apply on their swollen eyes. 

I tenderly washed their eyes everyday and wiped with tea bags but to no avail, then one day one of the kittens died and the other one followed the next day, I was so sad and felt guilty.

Their sibling's eyes, we called Cotton, got infected the next day so I did not waste time, even with just a little money left in my pocket (due to my daily transportation expenses to work).

I told my sister to bring Cotton to the veterinary clinic. My sister texted me later that the swollen of the eyes was due to the severe cough and sinusitis.

 Asi and Cotton's special food!

The three kinds of cat's foods I bought yesterday

 Food for adult cats

Cotton was given a respiratory syrup remedy and the doctor also told my sister to give ascorbic acid to boost the immune system. 

Another kitten, named Asi, got sick too, she is constantly sneezing but thank God her eyes were not infected.

Yesterday when my sister was out, I administered the giving of the syrup and vitamins, it was so difficult because the kittens struggled and scratched my hands.

I used serene and aimed it on the side of the mouth. I also bought them special foods rich in proteins and antioxidants to speed up their recovery. 

Now, I find it very fulfilling and relieving watching them play in the house. It's my soothing relief from the stressful day commuting from the house to the workplace and vice versa. 

I always look forward to come home on weekends so that I can play with them. I often check their condition even when I am at work!

It felt like something had lifted in my chest, looked like a different level of fulfillment hugged my heart. 

Every time I see them run in the house, I could feel some degree of satisfaction. I am so happy having them around and truly enjoyed feeding them.

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