I love the energy in Metro Manila!

If there's one thing people in the province detested about Metro Manila it's the city's fast-paced life, the noisy crowd, the pollution, the dust and the traffic added to this disenchantment, most of these people I encountered never dreamed to live in Manila, for them it's almost like hell, I shared the same sentiments too, but, oh well, circumstances intervened and decided to change my views haha!

At the Global City, Taguig

After years of living in Davao City alone with no life-changing event happened I decided to try my luck in the metropolis, most people in my surroundings felt I was a bit mad for making this decision exchanging comfort and serenity in Davao for a morbid and messy life in Metro Manila, but I did not mind I know I will be facing a new challenge, a risky existence but I am ready for it and determined to make beautiful things happen in my life. I figured, I only live once and my life will be totally wasted if I would not try anything, even if I will fail and would not get what I want, I would not regret it at least I'd tried. 
At the mini-rainforest of Greenbelt Makati

Life in the Metro is far from Davao. Everyone is busy. Everybody is on the rush. Life is faster here and all public transportations are packed with hurrying passengers even in the morning! Since working here, I have no enough sleep because I need to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare and leave the house at 5:30, ride three times to be at work at 8:00! Though right now I am looking for an affordable room for rent near the workplace, hope to find one before weariness consumes my energy :-)

Everything is challenging I should say. But I didn't look it that way. I appreciated the other side of it. In fact I love it here. The energy, the vibes. The fun.

Totally different lifestyle but I am slowly learning the rope of survival here. It's a bit feisty and competent and I love the energy it exudes because it inspires me more to dream big things in life. Metro Manila is one big risky place, you just got to love living here and appreciate the environment or else you will never survive. I've never been so outgoing in my life but now I want to change my lifestyle, I want to experience the beauty of life in a fast-paced environment.

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