Rush Hour

It pisses me off at times. But as weeks gone by, I've learned to embrace it...

At the start of the busy week, my nerves and pulses rise again heaving through the thick crowd across Blumentritt to catch an LRT ride. 

Pushing myself to the throng of people, walking fast and catching my breath are the normal routine of my system at the beginning of the week, it makes my heart pounds so fast that I thought it would burst into flame if I won't take some moment to pause and rest. Rush Hour is really severe in the Metropolis even if it's still early in the morning.

Before, I frequently heard the words (and even watched two movies with the same title) but got no idea really how it felt to be stuck in Rush Hour until I worked in Metro Manila, darn!! It's so intensely suffocating, felt like the veins in my head will explode due to pressure and strain.

The travel sometimes takes 2 and a half hours depending on the dense of traffic. It's so stressful but I have to endure it because it's part of the consequences I have to take for deciding to come to Manila.

More weeks passed, I felt I had push myself too far beyond my limit until weariness took over my system and began asking myself if this is the kind of life I really wanted, the fast-paced lifestyle is simply tedious. But I have no regrets, at least I've come to experience all these things otherwise I will be left thinking what if I tried, what if I did this and that, at least I see the other side of the coin, the comfort and relaxed environment I was enjoying in Davao City.

Now I can find balance in my life and can weigh everything where I should be heading and what are the things that really matter to me. Now, I have so many stories to tell about my life ^______^

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