Strolling around Greenbelt Makati!

Wohoho!! At last I was able to stroll around Greenbelt after five years hehe!

Last Thursday, September 26, I and my sister decided to spend lunch at SM Makati after my appointment with Accenture in McKinley Taguig. It was raining and we're so tired commuting to Market Market for lunch, so we took an FX ride going to Makati and stopping at SM and Glorietta.

Strolling around the relaxing atmosphere of Greenbelt Makati

After lunch, it was time to explore the area, we visited Greenbelt using its footbridge connecting SM. I always love Ayala Malls because of its advocacy of a green environment, most of its biggest malls in the country have beautiful landscape of tropical plants and fountains. Abreeza Davao has a well-maintained garden and so with Trinoma in Quezon City but my favorite among its malls is Greenbelt. It is surrounded with a soothing greenery. It has a mini-rainforest, manicured lawn, lush green plants, pathways, a chapel and a little fish pond, a perfect place to unwind after a very tiring day in the city.

At the mini-rainforest of Greenbelt
Mini-fish pond at Greenbelt garden

The surrounding is ultra relaxing and fresh! It has a variety of verdant plants and shoppers and visitors are free to take a leisure walk at its side garden and pathways that connect the five buildings of the malls. The marine life at its shallow pond looked like big goldfish varieties haha! What I love about this pond is that visitors are free to touch these species, I even dipped my fingers in the water and touched the lively fishes hehe!

Greenbelt is a high-end shopping mall with elegant restaurants, luxury boutiques and cafe houses, visitors are not allowed to take pictures inside so we just took photos outside hehe! I am a big fan of cafe houses, especially those offering European dishes and I noticed  there are lots of posh cafes around Greenbelt but since I still have no budget to indulge in a luxurious cafe dining, I'll postpone my cravings and just come back some other time. And that will be soon!!!

Yeah thank God!!!

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