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Before things get really serious with my new life path I want to make the best out of my free time first, enjoying the view in the metropolis, visiting beautiful places and going out with friends :-)

Since our arrival in Manila last June 29, I rarely sleep early. We frequently went out at night and never got home until early dawn, my gosh I never did this stuff in my life before so this is some kind of a change routine, but love it so much, exploring the other side of life is always fascinating anyway.
@ BGC felt like we're in another country hehe, stunning architectural design of the buildings and highly modernized place

I'm lucky to be surrounded with very good friends and generous people, very supportive, sparing their free time to allow us (me and Evan) to enjoy the metropolis. I was able to see the beautiful landmarks in the city.

Last June 30, Jerome took us to Global City then to Villamor Airbase where he worked as member of the PAF, I was able to see the vicinity of the airbase and got some photos with the PAF's facilities not sure if it was a major offense hehehe!Hmmm, I should be very careful next time not to take some shots of those delicate facilities otherwise I would be charged with whatever criminal offense they could think about ^___^

On July 1, we visited some kababayans in Katipunan and went as far as Montalban!Hmmm not sure if it was really Montalban or just part of Quezon City I forgot to ask them, the travel was so exhausting so I asked Anelyn if she could request Jerome again to fetch us hehe. He came to give us a ride later that night, oh thank God!!

On the following day, we woke up early to prepare for our Boracay trip. Exciting holiday getaway!!Yeyyyy...Read more here about our BORACAY GETAWAY

And barely 10 hours after arriving from Boracay we're on the road again for another leisure trip, this time to the cold place of Tagaytay, we visited Sister Rachel of the Charles Borromeo sisters, we almost lost!
At the Charles Borromeo congregation house in Tagaytay with Sister Rachel

I loved our midnight road trip in Tagaytay, that was totally amazing, imagine the thrill of roaming around the city at the wee hours marveling at the twinkling colourful lights and overseeing the romantic skyline, completely liberating! We saw the Sky Eye (tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines) from a distance, on our way to the Mushroom Burger junction.

I never heard this variety of burger before so I was kinda excited. I am not a burger person in fact I hate it, I don't like starchy food except pasta of course, but because Jerome told us the hype of the burger's taste and because I was very hungry already, I gave it a try and ordered the cheapest one haha! I don't drink softdrinks actually so every time we go out and dine I just simply chose water, I am contented with it.

After the Mushroom Burger experience we went to a place where we could get a panoramic view of the entire city, then went to Starbucks. Soooo cold!!!But totally exciting, we had a good laugh while recalling our bloopers in Boracay hehehe! Oh how I love this life, entirely different from the way I lived in Davao. We got back to Manila at 2:00 in the morning, what an adventure!!

 At Mushroom burger 
Midnight coffee break at Starbucks

Yesterday, July 6, we accompanied Evan to Baclaran to shop for goods. Then at lunch time, we went to Razons in McKinley, Taguig. I like the place because it was so high end and very elegant, nakks! We spent lunch there, Anelyn ordered so many foods including the scrumptious Halo-halo, a very unique one, you know the fine stuff crushed ice and the honey-like taste, it was terrific, very smooth! I never tasted such halo-halo variety in my life, I loved it and hope to go back there some other time.

Razon's along McKinley Hill
Lunch time!! Sizzling bulalo at Razon's
Yeyyy uniquely yummy so different from the usual bulalo
Halo-halo @ Razons, so refreshing and delicious!Yummy!!!
Love to go there some other time :-)

After lunch we're back to the apartment. We took few hours of rest then went out again to accompany Evan and Pepoy to the airport. We left NAIA at 6:30pm then went to Jerome's apartment and spent dinner.We went home at 10:00 in the evening, at last I was able to get enough sleep before my trip to Laguna on the following day with Rowie Tagaan.

Thanks everyone!!

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