Boracay Escape!

Yessss finally I was able to fulfill another long-standing wish --- Boracay getaway!!

God is so good!He provided me enough opportunities to make some of my dreams in life come true in just one year: finished my masteral degree in Ateneo, visited Hongkong and Macau and lately at the world-renowned tropical beach Boracay!!

July 1, Monday

I thought we could never visit Boracay because of the stormy weather, we arrived in Manila last June 29 and there was a heavy downpour. We originally planned to travel via ferry at the Batangas port but due to typhoon Gorio we did not push through. On Monday, July 1 the weather finally improved so we immediately checked the airfare of Zest Air, luckily, the airline offered promo ticket prices so we booked right away.

July 2, Tuesday

We arrived at the Kalibo International Airport at 2:00 pm, we did not take lunch because our flight was delayed, we're supposed to take off at 11:00 but we did not get on board until 12:15 noon and left Manila Domestic Terminal at 1:00 pm. 

We hired a van from the airport to Caticlan jetty port, the ride took two hours. There was a man named Sonny who helped us get through the port and to Boracay according to him the assistance he extended is part of the program of the tourism department of the local government.

We did not book a hotel online because we wanted to look around for better choices upon arrival. Evan suggested La Carmela but there was no vacant room when we inquired there so Sonny suggested Villa de Oro which is just beside La Carmela.

It was not peak season so we got a promo rate at Villa de Oro. It was a typical house style with a loft so we're very comfortable. The accommodation included breakfast and dinner.

July 3, Wednesday

We started our day with breakfast then off to the beach side to go island hopping. I felt a little bit woozy because the weather turned gloomy and once we got in to the boat the rain started pouring in, it was soooo cold!!

We hopped in at Crystal Cove at Ilig-iligan beach and took lunch there, gosh the meal was quite expensive! After lunch we went back to the seaside because Anelyn had to withdraw cash from BPI then went back to the beach to go banana boat ride, yeah I enjoyed this activity really, I loved the thrill and the excitement!!
Banana boat ride against the backdrop of Manny pacquiao's resort

Then we decided to go helmet diving, my God!! It was so scary, I was terrified to plunge deep into the sea bed hehe but I endured it because we already paid this activity.

We're back to the shoreline at 4:00 pm.

After dinner we went out and made a leisure stroll around station two and station one. Boracay is so lively at night, lots of activities at bar lounges and along the beach line.

July 4, Thursday

Last day of our stay in Boracay, after breakfast, our companions started packing things but me and Evan decided to go to the beach and enjoyed the warm water for 15 minutes. Our check out time was 11:00 am, we left our things at the Villa's counter then went out to the street and visited the shopping junction of the island. 
Early morning walk at the long coastline

At 4:30 pm we left Boracay and travelled back to Kalibo. Our flight was not until the early morning (July 5) so we stayed at a restaurant first not far from the airport, we spent the whole night there.

Our flight was not delayed this time we're transferred to the earlier flight by Zest Air so we arrived in Manila at 6:00 in the morning.

With Anelyn Arcon at Kalibo International Airport
We looked so relax and fresh  here but actually we'd no sleep all night hehe

Then back to reality hehe! Read the detail of this holiday escapade HERE IN MY TRAVEL BLOG

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