New Chapter!!

The new wave of excitement of my life has just began :-D Yeah, finally got a courage to push myself a little too far and decided to take risks. I figured, if I continue keeping myself safe and stay in a comfortable environment, I would never experience the true zest of life.

So this is it!!

I left Davao last June 29, it was the feast day of St. Peter and Paul. After accompanying my mother to Ecoland terminal, I passed by at the San Pedro Cathedral and said prayers for my safe flight. Then went home and got some rest.
with Janice and Lucy

with Girlie and Lucy

At 8:30pm, I woke up and started fixing everything. My MBA classmates, Lucy, Janice and Girlie came over and offered to accompany me to the airport. I was so touched with their kindness and devotion to our friendship. Aside from their presence, they also brought send-off gifts!

It was announced that our flight will be delayed for one hour due to bad weather in Manila and my heart began to pound wildly. If there's one thing I detested with air travel it's the "turbulence" announcement on board, goshhhh it really makes me quiver in fear!

By the time we left Davao, Manila was put on signal number one alert by the PAG-ASA. I uttered a repetitive prayer while up on air. It was so scary because the aircraft was rattling and I felt dizzy. When we arrived in Manila, Cebu Pacific did not land right away because the runway was not cleared yet so the plane kept circling above Manila bay, the sight of the dreadful sea made my stomach lurched into knots. It was a little bit terrifying.

I was travelling with two kababayans, Evan and Pepoy. We're fetched at the airport by my sister, Anelyn and Jerome. Then we're off to the city dropping by at the SM Hypermarket to do some grocery.

Manila is so lively at night, it's a little bit intimidating to the people from the province, the energy, the noise, the heat, but when you're on the go with your dreams and career shift, well, this city is a perfect place to plunge in.
Sex bomb dancers
Ethel Booba and Ate Gay at the Klownz comedy bar

After dinner Jerome took us to the city for a sightseeing at night and patiently answered our inquiries about the landmarks we passed on hehe! It was a little bit weird because midnight stroll is something I find very unconventional as it's supposed to be bedtime but this is metropolis where the spirit of fun begins at night so I just gave it a go, I enjoyed the quick tour actually, it was quite different from my conservative lifestyle in Davao City.

We decided to taste the night life, oh me gosh for the first time I entered a comedy bar! My sister suggested the Klownz owned by celebrity comedian, Allan K. I felt like gosh! What's this??? I hate the noise and all those liquors and cigarettes around, I used to go home early and never smell hard liquors in my daily life. So I did not drink, if there's one thing I detested its the liquors and cigarettes, yucks!

Anyway, I enjoyed the show, it was hilarious, I kept on laughing the whole time. The celebrity guests that night were the sex bomb dancers, Ethel Booba and Ate Gay. Though I find it amusing, I never dreamed to make a repeat performance, I would never go to a bar again haha!

We got home at 3:00 am. Thanks to Anelyn Arcon and Jerome Abendan!! :-D

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