My Birthday in the Year 2013

Last April 3, Wednesday, was my birthday. Well, it's not really a grand thing to me, every time my birthday comes, I just treat it as a very ordinary day just like the rest of the days in a year. I hate throwing a celebration or treating people to a meal because it's too stressful and costly, I prefer to celebrate it privately.  

But one thing I truly treasured during my birthday is the shower of affection from the people in my circle. Birthday greeting is one. I find it very touching and sweet. I am so grateful some of my friends always remember my birthday even without reminding them hehe! It's an indication that they valued and loved me unconditionally.

One of my sweetest and closest friends in life who is like a sister to me is Helen Montero. she is so wonderful, a true friend in the real sense of the word. I am always touch with her unique kindness. She is now working in United Arab Emirates  but every year when my birthday comes, she never fail to give me a call. She is one of the people I know in this world who has the kindest heart.

Thank you Helen for your warm greetings and for being a wonderful friend as always. This year the people who greeted me, aside from Helen, are those who are really close to me, who knew the real me and who accepted me as I am.

My mother - The first text greeting I received was from my mother, of course hehe! She is so sweet and thoughtful as always.

Nening Cancio Guillen- She is a cousin and a classmate back in high school, despite our distance, she never fail to greet me every time my birthday arrives.

Evan Bajan - She is a distant relative and a childhood friend, like Nening, she always makes it a point to send me a birthday greeting each year. We rarely text each other but when my birthday comes, she never forget to send me a text greeting.

Junna Bacalso - A former board mate and a close friend. Junna gave me a call in the morning and greeted me. We had a good laugh together, despite not seeing each other for more than a year now, we remained very close.

My other two board mates, Rose and Hope -- Yeah!They are my closest board mates now, we laughed together, sometimes spent dinner together and shared beautiful stories in life.

So what's the greatest birthday gift I've ever received this year? Well, something from God, something that cannot be compensated by any amount. Wisdom, knowledge and peace of mind.

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