Life is absolutely fantastic

I'd never felt such heavy emotions in my life only these past few weeks. Lots of emotional encounter happened, from my frustrating comprehensive exams to a bickering showdown with a friend who never valued me "pala" as a friend, well, at least I knew it finally.

But life is absolutely fantastic and wonderful to be wasted on crap things. One thing I love about my personality is the way I handled stress and agonizing situations. Ever since in my life I never let ugly things intervene my happy dispositions.

I just treated every bad encounter as part of personal growth, part of being human. Pain and sufferings are normal, it makes life worth living, it makes me able to sort out things logically. I am quite used to pain and sufferings so I have this very balanced view about my existence and my environment and I hope I could use it to my best advantage.

I am tough enough to face tribulations in the future. Whatever happens, I know God is always there for me to guide my way.

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