Grueling Comprehensive Exam in MBA

Our comprehensive exam in MBA started last night and it was tough!

Our first exam was Human Behavior in Organization (HBO) and oh God!It was very challenging, there were only 6 questions but it seemed my brain labored hard to press hard core ideas. Thank God our exam was held at the computer laboratory and we were allowed to type our answers. Had it not for the computer my output might be very worst.

My earnest wish now is to finish this very exhausting ordeal so that I can create an itinerary for my Hongkong trip!My mind is so preoccupied with this first travel abroad that sometimes I could not concentrate studying notes on each subject, excitement swirled in during the day!hehehe.

But I want to stay focus on my examination as much as possible, I don't want to make a "repeat performance" with some of the subjects it's too costly and I cannot afford to squander my budget, I am saving hard for my foreign trip, so help me God, I am really asking for your heavenly mercy as if I've never asked before.

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