2013 World's Billionaires

This list of world's richest people is taken from Forbes magazine. 

The ranking of wealthiest people around the globe is tallied and monitored by Forbes's global wealth team to provide the readers with accurate information about the net worth on world's billionaires.
Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican telecommunication mogul, is still the world's richest person 
with a net worth asset of $73 billion

This year's listing is quite shocking, while other billionaires continue to amass fortune and increase their asset, there are some who slipped from the ranking.

Bernard Arnault of France, the founder of luxury goods company, LVMH, moved far away from the fourth spot last year to the tenth this year. Christie Walton of USA (Wal-mart) was eliminated in the top ten list (from number 10 last year to number 12 this year) and she was replaced by Europe's richest woman, Lilian Bettincourt, the only child of L'Oreal founder, Eugene Schuller, as the world's richest woman. 

Li Ka Shing of Hongkong, one of my favorites, moved one notch higher and Brazilian Ike Batista was no longer part of the top 20, he was the 7th richest person in 2012. 

For the first time in 13 years (to my great horror and sadness), another favorite, Warren Buffet, slid to number 4 losing his place in the magic 3 to Spanish fashion mogul, Amancio Ortega, the founder of the high street brand, Zara.

But the big revelation is Google co-founder, Larry Page, who leaped higher in the ranking from number 32 last year to number 20 this year, wow!What a fortune :-)

This year, the listing is dominated by Americans followed by French. Asian has one, Li Ka Shing. The ranking listed two brothers in the top ten. David and Charles Koch who are owners of Koch Industries, a manufacturing and oil refining company based in Wichita, Kansas, USA. 

HERE IS THE COMPLETE LIST (their name followed by their net worth asset):

1. Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico - $73 billion
2. Bill Gates of USA - $67 billion
3. Amancio Ortega of Spain - $57 billion
4. Warren Buffet of USA - $53.5
5. Lawrence Ellison  of USA- $43 billion
6. Charles Koch of USA- $34 billion
7. David Koch of USA- $34 billion
8. Li Ka Shing of Hongkong - $31 billion
9. Lilian Bettincourt of France - $30 billion
10. Bernard Arnault of France - $29 billion

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