The Year of the Black Water Snake

This Sunday, February 9, 2013, will be the beginning of the Chinese New Year. And for thousands of years, Chinese influence on astrology is considered vital, its impact on the way people perceive destiny is considered intriguing.  Are astrological influences and implications have something to do with our lives really?
But whether it reflects truth or just a matter of coincidence is debatable and people from all walks of life are already considered it as part of culture. Celebrities and society figures are heavily fascinated with Feng Shui and the impact of Chinese astrology in their day-to-day careers that most of them sought Feng Shui experts and Psychique when making crucial decisions.

So now, another "phenomenom" is waiting to unfold, the entrance of the Black Water Snake. If we read the predictions, opinions and observations of astrologists and psychique about the year of the snake, 2013 is the year where everyone must be reflective and careful when making crucial decisions in life. 
Year of the Snake is viewed as somewhat lenient as snakes are closely associated with volatility, relaxed character and soft elements. So everyone is admonished to take things one step at a time without making rush decisions.
If we looked back in the past years of the snake, we can conclude that the pattern of events are somewhat alarming. 1965 and 1941 where Vietnam War and Pear Harbor happened, were both Years of the Snake. The last three Years of the Snake also saw world catastrophes unfolded. In early 1978, just before the Year of the Snake (1977) ended the Blizzard of the Century happened and 2001 (9/11) the World Trade attacked took place and in 1989 the Tiananmen Square massacred happened.

Though these pattern of horrifying events are associated with the years of the snake we should not let ourselves duped in predictions. God is the ultimate symbol of goodness and prosperity, if we truly trust Him nothing bad will happen anyway.

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