At Euro Cafe Again

Whenever I want to unwind and relax and “hide” from annoying people, one option I would always consider is to escape to a café house. There, I would find peace of mind and serenity. The environment is so calm and cool. The quietness and homely atmosphere of a café house made me feel so protected and pampered and I have plenty of time to think about myself, about what happened in a day and about contemplating what to do with my future.

If I have my laptop with me, I would go to a café house with a free wifi, my favourite destinations usually are Kangaroo, Café Demitasse or Yellow Hauz, these places are so quiet and away from the bustling city so I can explore what’s on my mind at the moment without intruders. But if I leave my laptop at home, I would just go to Euro Café in Gaisano Mall for a quick meal.

 When I am at Euro Cafe, my favorite drink is always IRISH CAPUCCINO. I am not a regular coffee drinker but this one tastes so good I cannot resist the temptation!!

I love its oh so smoothie taste!super yummy :-)

Yesterday was just another day for this routine. I was so overwhelmed with so many thoughts about life that I felt I need to de-stress. Since the idea just hit me while walking on the road with no particular way to go, I decided to visit Euro Café.

I took a deep breath upon reaching the area, felt like I was home again. I ordered a simple meal: Gideon Grilled Chicken and Irish Capuccino. It tastes so good! While eating, I watched the show on television just in front of the glass wall of the café. I chuckled a bit because it was a GAG show, not sure if it was a British edition or US. I was so engrossed watching this show that I did not mind the passing of hours!

Gideon Grilled Chicken!

It was so hilarious! I had a great laugh that afternoon, so while sipping Irish Capuccino, I thought about how wonderful God is, how huge is His love. He never fails to delight me, to let me know that the world is a happy place to live in despite chaos and frustrations, that life is not all about sadness and disappointments, not all about misfortune and rejection but it’s also about inspiration, joy and excitement.

God always finds way to make me so contented and so grateful. Thank you God for another gift of the day, another gift of laughter and amazement, another reason to dream and hope.

So the next time I would feel so alone and disgruntled, I will make sure to visit a café house, it’s a two way happiness, aside from savoring delectable European dishes, I have plenty of time to acknowledge God’s love and think about my life in general.

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