Christmas Recollection at Eden

FYI: Christmas season starts on the 25th of December (and not September) on the birth of Jesus and ends on the Feast Sunday of His baptism (after the Epiphany). In the Catholic calendar, Feast Sunday of the Epiphany, better known as the Three Kings, falls on the first Sunday after New Year ( regardless of date). Advent season starts on the first Sunday of December and ends on the 24th day (Advent means preparation on the birth/coming of Jesus Christ).

We had our annual recollection last January 5, 2013 at Eden. It's called "Christmas Recollection" because Christmas season has not yet ended.

This was the second time that our recollection was held at Eden, the first time was in November 2008.
With Juvy

I'd come to visit Eden three times already. The first time was in 2001 with some colleagues. I noticed nothing much has changed with the place's structure and amenities. No amusing facilities, the old cable swing (I could not understand why they called it "Indiana Jones") area that made me so excited in 2001 was still there and for the third time I hopped in, there was thrill but no more excitement.

We left UIC main campus at 7:00 in the morning and arrived at 8:00, our session did not start until 9:00. It was only a half-day activity so after lunch, we're free to explore the place, but I was not interested to stroll around. Aside from the fact that it was my third time to visit the resort, I just went home lately and Eden has no difference to the physical features of the province I grew up with. Same surroundings of green plants and trees and rolling hills.

I was extremely tired with my travel last January 3 from Surigao to Davao, I seated for 9 hours in the bus, I wasn't able to take a good rest upon my arrival because I cleaned my room and washed my clothes on the following morning, January 4, then I attended the First Friday mass at the Cathedral and went to The Peak to dine with my good friend, Kathy, at Cafe France, so I was not in a good condition to make "lakwatsa" at Eden the next day. 

My third time to ride this swing
Second time. During our 2008 Recollection

But I enjoyed the day though, because I was able to spend some quality time with friends, our recollection session was great, we'd a nice facilitator, Father Russell Bantilles, actually I knew him from way back then. He is a good friend of my younger sister, but I preferred not to approach him during the session, I did not dream to start blobbing about things in the past. He is still the same man I used to know from the words of my sister. His sense of humor is still tremendous, his sharp intellect is still prevailing. 

I gained weight during the holidays!Waaaah!!

It was a beautiful day for all of us. We left Eden at 2:30pm. I was so tired that I fall asleep during our short ride back to the city.

When I reviewed my photos, I noticed I again weight!Nyaaah...this is the result of indulging on too much foods during the holidays. Every time I am in the province my weight would shoot up to an unpleasant level hehehe. Now, I am back to my old habit of eating only oatmeal at night and drinking one glass of hot milk before going to bed.

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