Hoping for the best

We should never get tired of fighting for love, for what we feel, but if we noticed that it's getting us nowhere then it's better to leave the battlefield and get hurt at once than continue bleeding fighting a war that cannot be won.

For the past years, I'd kept holding on for that something, stretching my patience to wait for a beautiful moment to come. I'd watched myself wounded, humiliated, rejected, I endured pain, sacrifices because I was hoping one day, destiny might favour me. That one day did not come, my sacrifices did not pay off and as the year ended, I realized one thing, that in life we should never assume things wrongly, that pain is certain, just like death.

I don't want to expect too much from my destiny this time, none of my expectations last year happened anyway, so this time, to minimize the level of disappointment, I would not expect anything. But I will continue hoping that one of these days I could get what I want in life. It's very important to cling to that little hope, otherwise, I would not work hard, I would not dream high.

So I let it go even if it hurts me. Time will come, I could get over with it completely. I don't normally write New Year's Resolution because I don't believe on that, it often becomes a crap without focus and determination, but there's one thing I want to do this year for my own self.

I want to be very cautious in making decisions. I don't want others to treat me anymore like an excess baggage in the society.  I don't want to dig too much on my emotions.

Now, I am ready to face what life has to offer and accept my fate no matter what it is, I don't want to lose hope for a better tomorrow. I will try to do hard to improve my redundant life.

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