Wishes do come true

When you are down and disappointed it is easy to believe that you've had months of bad days, that it rained every minute of the day and that people in the surroundings look like hammers ready to nail you down in despair. 

Few days ago when I realized I could not watch "The Hobbit" in cinema because there's no one to go with, I became sulky and very sad. I've been waiting for this movie to come out in the big screen for years, just imagined the amount of exasperation and resentment I felt at that moment. I stayed in my room all through out Sunday, rolling my eyeballs to the four corners, wondering why my destiny seemed like a huge curse.

But I tried to appear cheerful and happy when I reported to work the next day and discarded those bad notions about loneliness. Life is wonderful to be wasted on things that could never be realized. it's totally pointless and I am tired begging for something that could never be given to me. I am very exhausted analyzing why I am so useless and unwanted.

I managed to feel very relax and in good spirits when we had our Christmas party in the engineering faculty room. We'd a good time indeed sharing food and laughter. Then Maam Emma Fuentes, my immediate boss told me she had something for me. I thought it was just a simple present-- sort of bag, earrings, brooch or pouch or girly cutie gifts. 

And just when I thought my life is a series of disappointment, failure and abandonment, a surprise gift that really brightens came in. There's nothing more exciting than be given with a precious book about Steve Jobs' life!

Yeah, I felt very special! I've been waiting for 13 months to own this book. This is an exclusive, most provocative biography of the late great innovator of our time.

You know, I greatly admired Steve Jobs, his influence, his legacy, his unique charisma, and the only way to keep his memories alive is to own this book but I could not afford to buy it because it is very expensive. This is part of my wishlist, in 2011 Christmas, in my birthday last April and this Christmas and finally, God listened to my wishes!

One thing I love about this book is that it really speaks for the real Steve Jobs. The author, Walter Isaacson, had a close relationship with Jobs since the early 1980s and according to Isaacson, Steve Jobs was the one who contacted him to write his biography, so if there's one book about Jobs who really speaks the truth and reveals everything about him, it's this book. I've been following the life of Steve Jobs even before iPhone was introduced in the market in 2007 so having this book in my collection is really a grand treat of a lifetime.

This book is a genuine testimony and remembrance of Jobs' greatest legacy to the world and I want his memory remained alive for the next decades through this book. But I never thought I could have it in the coming years so I would often take a trip to the national bookstore and flipped the pages of the book and read each chapter almost every week, Maam Emma knew it because I often shared to her about this amusing habit.

And three days ago, to my complete shock, she bought one for me as her Christmas gift. Heaven! God is so good!! I was so speechless and tearful when I opened it, felt like Santa Claus had come so real. I was deeply touched that I cried in my room while holding the book haha!

God! It's just so real, I could not believe it!

This is one of the most precious Christmas presents I'd ever received in my whole life. I am so thankful and grateful to Maam Emma, I don't know what to say, it seems the words of thanks are not enough to express the happiness I felt.
A precious Christmas present from Maam Emma. I've been dreaming to own this book since its released in November 2011. I never thought somebody would buy a book like this because it is so expensive. I felt really special upon receiving this gift. I was deeply touched and I cried a bit when I opened it. This is the only book about Steve Jobs that I want to buy because the contents are not just rumor but facts. The author, Walter Isaacson, was personally asked by Jobs to write a biography about him.

Well, life is super generous...all you have to do is hold on to your faith and keep praying. Miracles do happen everyday.

Despite the distress, sufferings, chaos, conflicts and tribulation the world had experienced recently, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate this holiday season, life itself is a gift, and the fact that I am healthy and in good mental health, there’s no reason for me to be morose.

Well, it's Christmas season and I want to focus on things that can make me happy. One thing I love about Christmas is the essence of the celebration itself, the joy, the unity, the happiness, fun and everything that goes about giving and sharing.

True enough, the horrible events that happened recently: typhoon in the Philippines, massacre in the US, the passing of RH Bill (which I extremely detested because I always believe it will pave the way of legalizing abortion in the Philippines which I considered the work of the devil), wars and misunderstanding everywhere, you’ll think the world really gone mad, but why dwell on the bad side of life?

I love wrapping gifts by myself, it makes the gift giving more special

There’s more beyond misery. The laughter, the excitement, the fun and surprises that Christmas season brings are more inspiring than those awful disasters.

You know when you wake up each morning and see the beautiful sunrise, hear the magical music of nature, the soft melodies of the fresh morning air and all those exciting thoughts of a beautiful life ahead. These are fantastic gifts of life and everyday miracles we often overlooked. So why not celebrate it and be grateful?

Last Sunday, I started buying items for gift giving. I went to different malls in the city to look for something to shop. Giving gifts brings so much joy to my worn out system, it increases my wisdom and value as a person. Whenever I give gifts, it is unconditional. It is a free will.

Everytime I give someone a gift, I would love to wrap it by myself. I hate buying a ready-made bag or box because it won’t give me an opportunity to spend extra effort to customize the gift. There’s something in gift wrapping that I find very fulfilling and satisfying, maybe it’s the joy of working on something that can make others happy. I love surprises and by mere thinking that I would be giving something that would surprise a person provides a different kind of happiness deep with in me.

Every Christmas, I never hope somebody would give me a tremendous gift, it's beyond my expectation. But like the rest of the people in the world, me too, has this long list of wishes, though I am not expecting to make each one come true, but sometimes hope is such a fascinating word to hold on, and you see, it happens!

So, I want to end this year with a happy heart, a blissful spirit and a cheerful attitude. Amidst all the disappointments and frustrations I felt on some occasions, I still believe life treated me fairly in so many ways.

I want to thank all the people who have been very generous to me in so many ways for this year. Thank you for making my life worth living, may God continue to shower you with wonderful graces from heaven all year round.

God is so good!! Merry Christmas everyone!

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