2012 NTP Christmas Bonding

We rarely have a Christmas party (non-teaching personnel of UIC) because we could not agree to almost everything. The last time we agreed to have one was in 2008. Most of us felt it’s a way too much since some offices already organized their own party then we have an institutional Christmas party to look forward to.

But this year, well, most of our colleagues argued, that we should have our own Christmas party. We don't have institutional Christmas party this year because the RVM sisters decided to donate the money to the Pablo typhoon victims in Davao Oriental. For individuals who struggled everyday just to meet daily needs, this kind of social activity is simply inconceivable. But despite some objections, the plan pushed through and the venue (and date) was chosen – Grand Menseng Hotel, December 11, 2012.

One thing I detested about this formal gathering is the anxiety of thinking what to wear. It’s simply too much to my mentally exhausted brain to contemplate on clothes and accessories. So I decided to buy a dress that is not excessively flirty (hahaha!), what I am trying to say is not very revealing and formal.

Since at this stage, I am controlling my finances and carefully working on my budget to fit every concern next year ( comprehensive exam, foreign tour, start a business), I hopped from one mall to another just to look for an affordable outfit, a very tiring process that left my thighs extremely wasted.

Eventually, my effort paid off (this is one thing I love about my frugality, it stretches my patience and increases my wisdom) and found something that truly defined my goal at the moment -- spend less. The dress I bought can be worn on Sunday and other celebration so it's worth the value of my money.

You know, I am very proud of my spending habit hehehe, I am not really into trendy stuff. I am a wise spender. I know how to balance my finances.

My fashion taste is not overtly trendy but not gone with the ages either, I know how to play with style in my outfit and I hate to smudge my face with something like a fake pancake. Every time I shop, I would logically choose a dress that won't make me appear like a hopeless Hollywood starlet nor an ancient bombshell because it would appear like I am pretending somebody I am not.

Christmas party at Grand Menseng Hotel, December 11, 2012

The party went smoothly as planned and for the first time I won a raffle prize! Ohhh, so my destiny made a re-routing this time away from bad luck and misfortune. In my life, I never won a raffle promo or anything that has something to do with prizes, so this is a bit amusing. I won this really really cute stuff -- 10 pieces of cups.

I went home with a relaxed mind that night.

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