Wedding Like no Other

Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi on their wedding day at Fernbook Gardens. I loved the atmosphere of the event because I am always fascinated with a garden wedding reception and Cherry Blossoms motif! What Zoren did was a tough act to follow and I am wondering if there are still men left in this world who have the same devotion, level of commitment/fidelity and declaration of unconditional love toward their partners. 

Last night, I was one of hundreds of girls in the Philippines who was extremely enthralled with the display of unconditional love of local actor, Zoren Legaspi, to his long-time partner, Carmina Villaroel. As I watched the episode of their civil wedding on TV and how Zoren planned the ceremony without Carmina suspecting it, I could not help but think how many men left in the world who have the same devotion and level of commitment as Zoren. 

It was so fascinating and moving. Women in general loved surprises and longed to meet someone who could sweep off their feet all the way to the altar, and being surprised with a wedding ceremony right away is so touching and heart-warming!

I cried a little bit, especially the scene where Zoren led Carmina to the artificial Cherry Blossom tree to make his marriage proposal, it was so amazing because I loved Cherry Blossoms too and if ever I could still get married in the future I want to have a Springtime Wedding Theme with Cherry Blossoms motif!

So it was really a poignant scene watching Carmina stood under the Cherry Blossom tree accepting her partner's proposal...

Men's degree of sweetness and love is just so rare today, you're a lucky girl if you find one. Of course, but I believe men are born with a unique attitude of sweetness and each has his own way  distinctive way of expressing it, but the question is, where are they, can we still find them?

Zoren must be the concrete symbol of the description of a four-leaf clover "Hard to find but lucky to have"

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