Olay Age Protect Cream

Got some bug of listening to celeb testimonies lately about the goodness of Olay creams, though I know product endorsement is some sort of a rubbish as celebs only did it for money, but a little try won't do harm anyway so I give it a go.

I've been using Beauche for several years now but it did not do some tricks to my fine lines around my eyes and the horrifying "crows feet" started to show up!

I wanted to try a retinol-based cream but I could not find a perfect variant, so I settled for Olay Age Protect.

It says on its label that this is an anti-ageing cream that lightens dark spots, visibly reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone, well the same promises that several facial creams had made down the ages.

Anyway, let me see if it holds to its promises. I will wait for five weeks to see the results. So far, I did not experience stingy feelings or irritation or itchiness. The texture of the cream is very smooth with a slight scent and after application I felt the tightening of my skin.

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