The Blushing Bride: Countess Stephanie

After drought of real royal wedding in Europe among the existing royal houses, finally, Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg made a good choice of a wife. The 30-year-old Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg chose a Belgian aristocrat, Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, as his future consort. The two reportedly dated for two years before announcing their engagement early this year.

Last October 20, 2012, the world witnessed another pomp and pageantry of a royal wedding extravaganza in Luxembourg, a tiny country in Western Europe with a second highest gross domestic product per capita in the world making it the second richest country just below Qatar.
 The blushing bride, Countess Stephanie de Lannoy

Countess Stephanie came from a distinguish noble family in Belgium and reported to be a direct descendant of King Albert I making her a distant relative of her husband.

The two had a civil wedding ceremony on October 19, a normal process usually undergone by most Catholic royals in Europe including Prince Albert of Monaco. The glittery church ceremony followed on October 20, 2012 attended by government officials and foreign royals around the world.
She was accompanied by her brother, Count Jehan de Lannoy, on her long walk to the altar
The couple during the church service
Prince Guillaume wore his military uniform while his bride wore a magnificent ivory dress  made from delicate Chantilly and Calais lace fabrics

Countess Stephanie was a picture of loveliness wearing a stunning ivory gown creation of a Lebanese designer, Elie Saab. The dress featured a delicate lace fabric, silver thread, thousands beads and crystals and had a 13 feet long train detailing at the back of her gown. She wore a family tiara and a 15 meter silk tulle veil. 

I like the way the bride looked on her wedding day. She did not appear too heavily pancaked with make up, but just the right amount of blushing shade, enough to reveal her natural gorgeous look. She looked so fresh and relax too as she was led by her brother to the altar.

The Countess is prim and proper with no attached controversies to her name, an evident to her well-born background. She looked so fascinating and stunningly beautiful with a brush of simplicity, yet elegance. She studied Languages in college and reportedly went to Russia to study Russian Romanticism Literature.

Among the modern brides who married into the existing European royal court, it's Countess Stephanie who exuded a real charm of a fairytale--mysterious, lovely and enchanting.

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