Pearl Farm Beach Resort

One day at Pearl Farm....

Samal Suites
Row of Samal Houses at Pearl Farm where we stayed
Samal House 
Relaxing after our arrival

Our very good friend and former colleague in the University, Miss Joice Lagat, invited me to join them at Pearl Farm when it became clear that her mother, aunt and sister, could not make it to the wedding of Roy and Juvy last August 21, 2012.

It was a blistering Wednesday afternoon when we left Davao and headed to the gorgeous Pearl Farm, a world-class beach resort off the coast of Samal island. Since we're super late when we arrived at the wharf and the boat will be leaving at precisely 1:00 PM we were not able to eat the Jollibee food we bought at the drive thru. We just left it at the garbage can (sayang!) because we were told that bringing food is strictly prohibited at the resort even at the boat. 

Anyway, the weather was fine when we docked at Pearl Farm and we're treated to a fruit juice drink upon our arrival and a little orientation at the Parola wharf before we proceeded to our room at the Samal House. It was my second time to visit Pearl Farm, the first time was in 1999 when a friend, who was working there, invited me for a half day leisure tour.
Maranao swimming pool

I noticed, nothing has changed with the resort's amenities since 1999 but the rates of its villas and rooms slightly escalated!The samal house alone where we stayed has a whooping rate of P10,000 per night (good for two persons only), my God!what's with those five figures? I find the house so ordinary anyway, the structure is made of wood and bamboo. We're billeted under employee's rate so Joice paid only P2,200 per room.

Samal houses are slightly floating by the sea and the atmosphere is so calm and quiet especially in the morning, you could feel the tranquil environment and the relaxing ambience while sipping a cup of coffee or green tea, the soft breeze coming from the ocean and the beautiful horizon provide serenity and peace, it felt like all worries in life had gone temporarily.

Because I grew up near the seaside in Surigao del Sur I am no longer fascinated with beaches. The rustling waves, the ocean breeze, the relaxing sounds of the splashing sea water and floating houses are so ordinary to me. So naturally, I would always look for something fantastic and extraordinary when I am visiting a beach resort.

At Pearl Farm what I truly appreciated is the luxury accommodation provided to the guests. The service is 24 hours and by the moment you entered the room, the name of the valet assigned is given in a paper. A shuttle is available to take the guests anywhere inside the resort plus free carrying of luggage. Everyone is safe and the area is fully secured, privacy is guaranteed and the facilities are great.
My favorite pasta Fetuccine 'n carbonara sauce
Vegetables with Baked Chicken 'n Swiss cheese and Mushroom soap
Japanese maki, black forest cake and a slice of mango fruit

There are two swimming pools at the resort -- Maranao swimming pool the one located near the entrance and Mandaya swimming pool located near the Mandaya Houses. A spa center is just beside the Maranao restaurant, for sports aficionados, Pearl Farm has a tennis court, volleyball court, billiard and board games. 

We spent dinner at the Maranao restaurant and decided to go buffet, and my eyes popped in astonishment when I heard that the buffet price is P1,100.00 (without drinks) per person! Because our accommodation was under employee's rate, we billed only P712.50 each. Well, I forgot that this is a luxury and a five star resort so naturally the rates and prices are horribly high.

The buffet served scrumptious European and Japanese cuisines, I chose both hehe! I devoured Baked chicken n' Swiss cheese, breaded shrimps, Vegetables (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower), Fetuccine pasta n' carbonara sauce, Japanese Maki, Japanese style Ube cake, a slice of mango fruit, Black Forest cake and a mushroom soup.

We went back to our room at 9:30 because there was a heavy downpour and went to bed at 12:00 midnight. 

On the following morning, August 23, after sipping a cup of hot green tea (the rest were sipping coffee), we were off to Maranao swimming pool then moved to the beach near the Samal suites, it was still very early around 7:00 so the sun was not at its harshest rays yet and our skin was spared from being roasted hehe!

At 9:30 we went to Malipano Island, located just opposite Pearl Farm, with its gorgeous ivory beach, sparkling blue water, lush tropical plants and neatly trimmed lawn, this place truly gives everyone a gratifying holiday getaway experience. It is an exclusive place with private villas and gazebo and can be reached through a boat ride by 30 minutes from Pearl Farm.

At the pristine beach of Malipano island
Frolicking at the neatly trimmed ground of Malipano Island with coconut palm trees and other tropical plants surrounding the area

After posing for some shots and enjoying the area, we're back at Pearl Farm. Then it's time to pack our things and looked one last time at the surrounding to savour the last moment of peace and serenity, something that cannot be found anywhere in the crowded city.

We left the resort at 1:00 pm and arrived at Davao around 2:30 PM

....Then back to reality (sigh!) Thank you very much to Joice Lagat for inviting me and to the newlyweds, Roy and Juvy.

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