Sushi Dito

Treat yourself to a good restaurant once in a while, it is a good breather to get away from clutters in life. Relax and enjoy a mouthwatering meal with friends.

And where else would you go than in a cozy Japanese restaurant? The experience is quite different, it is more than awesome...

One of the best Japanese restaurants in Davao city I'd visited is Sushi Dito! The bright and warm atmosphere of this oriental restaurant is so relaxing! It provides a good venue to loosen up after a busy day at work....

Sushi Dito
California Maki

Sushi Dito, along Quirino Street in Davao City, offers scrumptious Japanese cuisine with a wide selection of oriental delectable foods which you will love to devour any time of the day. The MAKIS are simply mouthwatering! My super favourite maki from the menu is Kani Cheese, it is simply delicious, creamy and oh so yummy, each maki is drizzled with creamy cheese.

All makis can be ordered either at 4 pieces or 8 pieces. Other makis include Tuna, Unagi with Cucumber, Egg, Philadelphia, Salmon, and many more. The price is not really expensive, you can have lots of savings when you come in a group.

Shrimp Gyoza

I also tasted their Shrimp Gyoza, great and super love it, more delicious than the Gyozas offered by other Japanese restaurants in the city. Sushi Dito is open from Monday to Saturday 10:30 am to 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm. 
Kani Cheese Maki

The place is cozy and quiet and I love the whole ambiance, so warm and tidy. It is crowded at night so to ensure that you will get the most comfortable place, try to call the resto ahead of time to make reservations.

At Shushi Dito with Juvy and Kathy
...and Ate Melds, Ate Vicky

Sushi Dito offers occasional promo and free coupons, so it is a must to visit their site (click here) to avail these packages. The other night, a very good friend of mine, Kathy, invited us to dine there because she had a coupon worth P300.00 (consumable), we only paid P600 + out of the P1,000.00 + bill because of this free coupon. So avail it yourself and make a reservation now!

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