Christmas Memories

Start of the Advent season and excited to attend the early dawn mass once again. Christmas is the happiest time of my life because it reminded me of my happy childhood in the province, by just thinking Christmas, my mind tossed back again to the magical period of my innocence and I love it because it helps me escape from the torment of life. 

Christmas celebration is more wonderful in the province, plenty of native foods, life is so simple and relax and lots of laughter in the neighborhood. But my favourite part is the endless invitation of relatives and old friends to come to their houses and eat and eat, hahaha!

I had the best Christmas celebrations when I was still in grade school. After the Christmas eve mass which often celebrated by my father (our parish priest would only conduct Christmas eve mass in the town proper but not in barangays), I and my cousin would roam around our place and did carolling and we would divide the native foods we received and sat beside the seashore at early dawn waiting for the sunrise to great the mother earth.

Hmmm..sweet Christmas memories!I missed those years...

My only wish for this Christmas is to attain genuine peace and happiness from deep within. I don't want to be sad anymore, I don't want to create another circle of enemies, I had enough of it this year and I want to see my life follows a different pattern by the year 2012. Hope the succeeding year will be a happy and prosperous one for me.

Sometimes I would think in the middle of the night why I was so grumpy, somber and easily flared up this year, hmmm..maybe my ruling planet, Mars, is so dominant in the year of the metal rabbit, you see...Mars in Roman mythology is the god of war ^___^

I really want to make peace to everyone. I want to leave the hurts and bad memories of 2011 behind. Next year, is another struggle, another hope, another milestone. I want to change direction and goal and hope I can make it. I am also very excited because I will be finishing my graduate studies finally, thank God! How time flew so fast, it seems like yesterday that I took a qualifying exam for MBA at Ateneo.

Okay, here's the cliche....recently, I had this recurring dream. 

Last night, this dream resurfaced. A dream that made me wondered why it felt as though the event made a different leap. It was beautiful of course, but it was just a dream and the message was somewhat confusing. The mere thought of it made me bounced up, what was it? Two weeks ago, I dreamed a related event, very similar and I am wondering why it keeps repeating. 


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