I held my privacy very precious but here, I want to share something about my life, about my true self.

I love PINK! It's the color of beauty, romance and innocence..but it's not exclusive haha! There are some occasions that I choose other shades like purple, lavender and aqua green. 

I am afraid to die in bullets, sword, car accident or being raped. I often pray for a quiet death, it's not morbid because everyone will have to die, so it's inevitable, and no one can escape, death is a nice word because it reminds us that we don't last forever.

I dreamed to travel to Europe, I am fascinated with its history and glorious past. I want to write about ancient castles and monarchy and traveling there to do an actual research is a great help. I want to see the romantic countryside of Italy in Tuscany, the spectacular beaches around Greece and Cornwall in England and St. Kilda in Scotland and marveled at the breathtaking scenery of nature at Bavaria in Germany and Klosters in Switzerland. Now, this is what I call Daydreaming hehehe and I often indulge on it many times in a week to inspire me to work hard.

I prefer self-developmental and biographical books. I adored books! I am fascinated with biography genre because it talks about real life stories of great people, their success, failure, happiness, accomplishment, triumph and misfortune, provide great lessons and inspirations that can be looked up to. For movies, I prefer horror, adventure and classic films. 

I never gone out for a date ever since. I am very cautious, I don't want to commit a terrible mistake, being in a relationship is something I want to take seriously. I don't want to count many boys in my life before settling down it is so undignified. One past is enough. Right now, I have no past hehehe! But since I am on the brink of approaching spinsterhood haha!I cannot afford to do a trial and error process anymore, as long as I am comfortable with him and everything goes smoothly and the guy has a stable income to support a family then maybe that's it.

I cut off on softdrinks and coffee these stuff are not healthy. High concentration of caffeine normally found in softdrinks, coffee and energy drinks blocks Folate in the body. Folate is a B-vitamin group that aids proper brain development of a baby and prevents birth defects. it's not true that coffee is loaded with antioxidants. Polyphenols---antioxidants substance normally found in plants---are easily stripped when plants are brewed and processed, since coffee undergone milling, polyphenols are not retained.  

For ten years now, I am minimizing my meat consumption especially Pork. I am following a Mediterranean Diet --- more on Olive Oil, EFA, Wheat Bread, Cereals and Fish and low in sugar, cream, meat.

I hate Pizza and Burger. I am more on salads, pastries and pasta. Fettuccine Carbonara, Brazo de Mercedes and Blueberry cheesecake are some of my favourites. I don't eat chocolate much because sweets make my head swirl terribly.

I don't like disco and bar houses. I find it very outrageous and nasty. I prefer watching movies, walk on a beach and long conversation.

For three months now, I minimized carbohydrates intake at night, so my dinner consists of oatmeal, cornflakes, milk and fruits. If I will be working on numerous articles, I would choose Green Tea with Honey to sustain my energy until the wee hours.

I love cooking, when someday I have my own house, I want to make the kitchen very cozy and lovely because I will be spending more time there. I already collected different recipes to experiment on.

I am not used to having a house helper, I grew up very independent doing household chores and balancing my budget. I like doing things in my own way. I often go to the wet market to shop, it's a lot cheaper than in the malls.

I am a homebody, I prefer staying at home than going outside. I love the serenity and peacefulness provided by home. I don't like hanging out with friends.

I love writing. It's my way of relieving stress and tension. I am more at peace and happy if I can write. 

I love to travel. It's a great escape. I prefer it than hanging out with friends in the bar. There's something in traveling I find very fulfilling, maybe the discoveries and serenity that the environment provide, very relaxing and invigorating to the senses!

I am a poet by sentiment. Because I like discovering things and often ask questions about existence, about something that fascinates my curiosity. I love to write and go to scenic places.

I prefer wedges than pointed heels. It relaxes my feet muscles. It's more comfortable to wear.

I dreamed to marry! I am still hoping I could get married. I want to have children, I enjoyed being with them. I want a very simple ceremony, then have an Afternoon Tea Break at the reception. I hate a sit-down reception in hotel or fancy restaurant. I don't want a grand wedding, I just want a simple, very exclusive gathering of closest friends and family with lots of laughter and relaxation. I prefer a Springtime wedding theme and Cherry Blossoms motif.

I want someone who can sing, joke!! Hehe...I want someone who understands the real me and who can accept me despite my shortcomings. Someone whom I am comfortable sharing my views in life and my innermost thoughts.

I am fascinated with the idea of a finishing school. If I have my children, I don't want to send them to a pre-school, I don't believe in the education system here it's a bit lacking in character refinement. Finishing school is very famous in Europe, some of the best can be found in Switzerland. Most daughters of royalty and aristocrats in Europe had gone to a finishing school. It focuses on manners and etiquette and how to grow up sensibly.

I want to grow old in the countryside. I want to spend my retirement in peace and serenity. I want to build a rest house in a farm with a terrific botanical garden. Countryside has fresh air and old people needs it at their prime age to prevent health complications.

Taking a long road trip has been my long time fascination, it's my idea of fun and adventure. Hoping someone would take me to Camarines Sur, Batangas, Laguna, Vigan, La Union, anywhere in the country. But it might be too impossible because I am residing currently in Davao and I've no plan to relocate in Manila at the moment hehe!But who knows it will happen in the years to come. 

I am obsessed with Blogging because it's the only hang-out where I can be myself, where I can freely express my deepest thoughts and longings, my fears, sadness and happiness. It frees my system from boredom, stress and anxiety. It's a perfect sanctuary for my tired mind.

I wish to marry and have kids hehe! Yeah, it's still included in my list of life's goal. I am still hoping that somewhere in this world, there's still someone who's ready to take me in.

I dreamed to build a small house with a beautiful landscape. It's my childhood obsession to have my own house far away from the city with a relaxing garden of lush tropical plants and flowers.

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