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2011 October 18

Yes!!Finally I was able to visit the other side of Surigao del sur!

Against the backdrop of Enchanted River (Sir Asis Abonado at the lower step)

Last Sunday, October 16, we left Davao for one day nature excursion to Enchanted River in Talisay, Hinatuan and Tinuy-an Falls in Borboanan, Bislig. 

I lived in Marihatag, (four hours from Hinatuan), a quiet municipality in the south surrounded with beaches and mountains (we are facing the mighty Pacific Ocean), so visiting another mountain or beach resort is not a fascinating idea to me anymore.

But because I heard lots of good feedbacks about the extraordinary beauty of Enchanted River and Tinuy-an falls, I was excited to visit these spots anyway....when Maam Beth Galindo invited me to join their excursion, I immediately "hop in" hehehe.

yaaaay! (got this expression from Bianca Gonzales in her blog, lol!)

It was terrific...and very amazed to see the stunning countryside of my home province as if it was my first time to travel in the hinterland!hahhaha...But a little bit shock with the never-ending road of Talisay going to Enchanted river with so many signboard pointing to the resort, I thought we were lost in the middle of the forest!

The Time line of our Trip:

1:30 am       -  left Davao
5:30 am       - arrival in Hinatuan
6:00 am       - entered Enchanted Kingdom
6:30 am       - Breakfast at the riverside
7:00 am       - Boat ride around Hinatuan river, fish cage, white sand and ponta cave
9:00 am       - back at Enchanted river
9:30 am       - swimming time!^______^
11:30 am     - Lunch time
12:30 nn      - left Enchanted river for Tinuy-an falls
1:40 pm       - arrival in Borboanan
1:45 pm       - frolicking around the falls
3:30 pm       - mid-afternoon meal near the highest layer of water falls
4:00 pm       - left Bislig
8:30 pm       - back in Davao!

Enjoying the cold water of Enchanted River

Enchanted river has an amazing rock formation, the water is cobalt blue at sunrise and would turn green at midday until early afternoon. Because the river is 30 meters deep, we need to wear a life jacket to enjoy the cool water, surprisingly, the water is salty due to its connection to the sea.

beautiful morning touring around the Hinatuan river

At 7:00 pm we went for a boat ride around Hinatuan river and sea to view the fish cage and the pawikan cage in the middle of the sea, then went to the white sand island and back again to visit the ponta cave nearby, visitors were not allowed to go down to the heart of the cave without a tour guide, we had no plan to go down either so after picture taking we got back to the boat.

We started enjoying the enchanted river swimming at 9:30 am. I was very afraid to take a plunge because of its horrifying rock formation but because I wanted to have a souvenir for this trip, I managed to pluck some courage to dive anyway hehehe. What a stunning blue lagoon!

Stunning blue lagoon!

At 12:30, we left Enchanted River and went to Tinuy-an falls. It was here that I enjoyed our adventure to the max, the cool surrounding was great!We went closer to the raging waterfalls at the second level, the highest layer of the falls. We enjoyed the harsh drops of the water, it felt like someone had massage our back!

The highest layer of waterfalls at Tinuy-an 
 Tinuy-an Falls is the highest waterfalls in the Philippines and its mystic and natural beauty is often compared to the Niagara falls in Canada
Getting closer to the raging waterfalls, visitors cannot go there without riding a "balsa"
Going to the upper level of the falls (picture below)
Resting at the foot of the falls on top of the mountain snowflakes!

Then we climbed at the top of the mountain, 180 feet high, in order to visit the other 3 layers of the waterfalls. We enjoyed the other layers this time because we were able to sit at its foot and enjoyed the water curtain which looked like drops of snowflakes in the picture. We left the area at 4:00pm.

Haaaay! what a day and what an adventure! Thanks to Miss Maribeth Galindo and the social science faculty of UIC for allowing me and elvie to join! so happy....a very relaxing weekend ^____^

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