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Nick Vujicic, a 28 year-old Australian who was born without hands and legs but he get on with life and went on to earn two Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Financial Planning. He is also active in sports playing golf, surfing, swimming, springboard diving and fishing. When you look at him you see he’s definitely worse off, yet he has a more positive attitude and outlook on life than most of us.  And now very busy with his career touring around the world and inspiring others

An inspiring man. An excellent motivational speaker in the world!

Sir Deypalubos showed me a video from youtube this morning about this very inspiring man named Nick Vujicic. I was stunned with how he managed to live a normal life despite being totally disabled. He has no arms and legs but he can move comfortably like a normal human being. When I returned to the office, I immediately search stories about this amazing human being.

Nick Vujicic is an Australian, he lived in Brisbane, and he was born without limbs and hands, you could just imagine the inconvenience of moving around without arms and legs, but astonishingly, Vujicic lived a normal life like the rest of us and he is more active in sports! He is into swimming, springboard diving, golfing, surfing and many other sports. He finished a double Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Financial Planning.

He can swim!

What amazes me is the way he accepted his fate and the way he viewed life!God, this man is truly fascinating and inspiring, such an exceptional human being!Imagine his disabilities and the severe difficulty of interacting with other people, moving and going around and taking a bath, eating, writing without hands and limbs? But he is very happy and contented. Though he admitted that at some point he felt so insecure so lonely and down, later he learn to accept his fate.

He slowly build a career as a motivational speaker, touring around the world inspiring others. He founded an organization named Life without Limbs. He has a deep trust in God and always express his gratefulness about his life. Imagine!This man without hands and legs who was deprive with basic mobility, is very thankful with his existence. If Nick can do that why can't we?

Nick says “I am standing before you to encourage you in your perspective, to have courage in your path and be all that you can be.”
“You don’t need hands to hold someone’s heart”
“We have a choice every day. We can either be angry for what we don’t have, feel frustrated for the things we can’t change or do the best we can with what we do have”
Nick told many stories about the miracles he has witnessed and keeps a pair of shoes in his closet just in case God says yes to him.
After reading his story, I got so inspired. God really performed miracles everyday, all we need is to acknowledge it and be happy and contented with what we have and stop aiming things that cannot be ours. BE CONTENTED WITH LIFE AND THANK GOD EVERYDAY, BECAUSE LIFE ITSELF IS A GIFT, WE DON'T NEED TO ASK FOR MORE. Read more about Nick Vujicic HERE

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