Wish List

Christmas Season in the Philippines kicks off in the month of September and no other countries in the world celebrate Christmas as wonderful and as joyful as the Philippines. Love, unity and happiness are truly felt, there are lots of reunions and gatherings to catch up lost times with family and friends, talking about good things in life...and lots of foods prepared in the table on Noche Buena (Christmas eve) and Media Noche (New Year's eve).

This is my happiest season of the year because of so many wonderful memories. I had a very happy childhood in the province and Christmas and New Year celebrations were fantastic back then. Now, I want to relive it once more by going home this December. Except for Christmas 2009 where I had terrible and painful December memories (it was the time I felt so useless, unattractive, more like a garbage particles), all Christmas celebs in my life were amazing. Christmas carolling in the neighbourhood with my friends and siblings and going to the farm to dig sweet potatoes for Noche buena were my most-cherished Christmas memories.

Now, nothing more is important than spending the rest of Christmas holiday in the province. But beyond the celebration, I am wishing for some material gifts for myself, because I am not expecting somebody would give me with these stuff, I planned to buy it for myself. 
Elegant Diamond and Pearl Double C drop Earrings
White Gold Double C drop Earrings
Deep Red Burberry wallet
Beige and Pink Burberry wallet

It's been a long time that I am aching to possess a pair of "double c drop earrings", I just love this creative product from Chanel, so elegant and gorgeous, originally designed and created by Chanel's Creative Director, Karl Lagerfield, this product is now being copied elsewhere...so it does not necessary to buy the original item because it's so expensive, I just want to buy the imitation hehe, which would only cost me around P300.00...another fascination is Burberry products...just love its design and materials...but then I would not be buying the original items...just imitation hehehe...Burberry is a British brand...

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